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Go Configure review: Horrible installation and customer service

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Go Configure is a very difficult company to work with. I paid them to assemble a playground set for my children. The rock wall fell off 2 days after installed. Bolts, screws, and pieces are falling off and not even screwed into the wood. I called the company and sent them pictures. They advisded me that they did a "horrible" job and would replace entire unit and reassemble. Two weeks later and many many phone calls, still no action. They keep saying they are going to fix it but have not even order new unit yet, 6 weeks since start and nothing. Only wanting what I paid for: a properly assemble Sky Fort swing set.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Dec 24, 2012 11:06 am EST
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As a professional technician for over thirty years and founder of the United Assemblers Network (Google us)... I can tell this consumer from Murfreesboro, Tennessee (or any other for that matter) that they should never prepay for services. Prepaying has always presented problems for the consumer and the retails that use these national companies don't seem to care because it is all about money... the consumers money!

Our network is slow growing because of these 800 pound gorillas; which are the national assembly companies or NAC's as they are called in our industry, the NAC typically has deep pockets and can convince the corporate retailers that they and only they can service the consumer nationwide. They lie and the retailers buy into it.

This is an awesome industry to be in... but some of the NAC's exploit the technician and could care less about good customer service. Again, what has always puzzled me... The retailers don't seem to care either.


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