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Global test market are very slow at paying out they say allow up to 10 weeks from claiming, even though the issuing bank is local to me then the cheque doesn't arrive and they now tell me wait another 4-6 weeks. Also some surveys never pay out the points or lock up on the final questions!


  • Go
    Gordon Jul 16, 2008

    I am a member in the US and always receive my check within 4 to 6 weeks. That is what they promise on their site. I have cashed out 8 times in the past 15 months.

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  • Ma
    Matt Aug 02, 2008

    I have waited five weeks and never got my check.
    Globaltestmarket also locked me out of my account (changed my password or terminated my account) without me knowing so i cant access my account
    They stopped sending me surveys(so far no surveys for 3 months)
    and they lied to me. they said theyd fix the sign in problem and tell me what to to.. the liars never did as of 2 weeks.

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  • St
    Stefanie Oct 24, 2008

    i have been taking surveys for global test market for 4 yrs now. i have had very few problems at all. the only problems i may have encountered may be an occasional survey freezing and not getting credit for completing it. it has happened maybe 3 times in 4 yrs. thats not much to complain about. they send surveys according to specific things they are looking for if u dont fit the bill, you still get 5 points. they have always paid me once the check took 2 months, but most within a few weeks. this is not a job just some easy occasional spending cash. i personally have reccomended them to my friends. i'm sorry to hear a person had a bad experience, but overall they are a great company.

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  • Do
    DozeyMare Nov 03, 2008

    I have been using GTM for over a year, and have managed to earn $150 (£75 GBP). Compared to many other websites, this one sends you invitations regularly, with acceptable rewards and, generally, I have no problem with them. On the other hand however, when it comes to surveys being cut short at the end, resulting in no reward, I have had MANY experiences of this happening. This has occurred at least 15-20 times within the last 6 months, and most of which have taken 20-30 (sometimes even 45 or more!) minutes to complete. When I contact GTM about this, I either receive a generic response (the usual... "there was must a problem with your internet connection", or " you used the forward/back button on your browser, which resulted in the survey being interrupted" - none of which are true), or you receive no reply at all. They will completely ignore you almost every time you contact them, so you're even lucky to get a response at all. I wouldn't mind if, like Stephanie, this had only happened 3/4 times over 4 years, but they have cheated me out of at least $50 in the last 6 months alone which is completely unacceptable and fraudulent (they always ensure they have enough information to submit to the companies employing them, then terminate the survey claiming that there was a technical error, so they can get away with not paying you.) I am currently in need of as much extra cash as possible (as I'm sure many people taking part in surveys are), so I am reluctant to cancel my account, and it's this very fact that GTM will play on. They must remember that without us they wouldn't have a business at all, however whilst there are people willing to put up with it, they will carry on as they are.

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  • Da
    david thrower Nov 27, 2008

    My experience with Global Test Market has been very bad.

    I have taken many surveys when the points haven't been added and on 4 occasions my points total has actually dropped! I am very much out of pocket.

    Worse still, their customer service is appalling! I have eamiled them several times and now they just ignore me.

    My advice would be to steer well clear!

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  • Go
    Gordon Jan 22, 2009

    I have had no issues with GlobalTestMarket. I complete their surveys and receive my points. The promise to deliver payment within 4 to 6 weeks if a US resident, and my payments have always arrived within that window.

    They also post updates on payments, and tech related bugs on their blog which no other survey company does < >. I noticed a members above complained he did not receive points in November. The blog announced this specific issue, and I even received an email notice from GTM that discussed the software bug. Again, no other survey company has done this.

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  • Ch
    chris Mar 13, 2009

    i see so this is extremely debatable?
    are any of these casses in australia?

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  • Wa
    Wayne Apr 25, 2009

    I live in Canada and have never had problems with Global Test Market. They are the only survey site that pays out on time and consistently.

    Some one complained they are "out of pocket". What on earth are you talking about. GTM is free, you should never pay to join ANY survey site.

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  • Na
    nashssh Jun 22, 2009

    anyone here living out from USA? because i doubt of if i will be having problems getting my payment..

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  • Gt
    GTMsux Jul 21, 2009

    In January 2009, i went to redeem around 1.2k worth of points. Their website said to allow up to 8wks for the cheque to be mailed (i live in Singapore).
    A few months later, i still have not received anything. and when i emailed them asking about the transaction, i got a reply stating that there was an error and that the points would be refunded.
    However, the points were never refunded.. and when i emailed them asking them to look into the matter, they keep claiming my account balance is correct, wtf? They just freely took away 1.2k worth of marketpoints from me..

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  • Gt
    GTMSUCKS Sep 28, 2009

    I started at GTM a few months ago the surveys started off slow then they started coming frequently... until I reached 900 points. Then I would be lucky if I got a survey for points. They mostly sent surveys for sweepstakes and if the survey said it was for points it usually scammed out of them. I took one survey and at the end it said click here for your reward when i clicked the link it said I wasn't eligible. This was after 25 minutes of my time that I wasted on this stupid survey that said I completed it! I wrote GTM and like most of you I never heard anything from them. So I went to the Better Business Bureau. How the hell does this company have an A rating? Probably b/c no one is filing complaints. Well they scammed me twice on points and I filed two complaints with the BBB. GTM is probably not going to try to resolve my complaints so their rating will go down. EVERYONE NEEDS TO FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE BBB. Oh and the time it took me to get from 900 to 1k was almost as much time as it took me just to get to 900. And now that I finally was able to cash out and now back at 0 points guess how many surveys I got in my inbox. 8! 5 came in one day. I'm not wasting my time on that site anymore. I hope I get my check it's been 3 weeks so... I will be back after 6 weeks or if I get the check whichever comes first to update.

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  • Li
    Linli Nov 24, 2009

    I, too, had my account randomly terminated once I was near reaching the minimum number of points required to receive a cheque. Have sent at least three e-mails regarding this issue, none of which have been responded to.

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  • Kw
    kwizzle Jan 03, 2010

    Initially I was very pleased with GTM and the number of surveys I received on a regular basis. But lately I have become increasingly frustrated and disappointed with their survey rewards and their terrible customer service. The surveys that used to reward you with market points have decreased dramatically, and now 90% of what I get are sweepstakes entry rewards. And like others, I have experienced at least 8-10 surveys that terminated on the last question! (or told me I was ineligible after taking the 30 minute survey). I have reached out to their customer service team and have even sent SCREEN SHOTS of the survey I completed to prove that I should have received the points. But all I got was "there is no record of you completing this survey." I submitted a request to redeem 4000 marketpoints ($200) and have been waiting 7 weeks for my check to arrive. Every other survey site I'm associated with is much more timely and more responsive than GTM.

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  • Co
    couchcase Jan 15, 2010

    I agree with kwizzle. It seems that lately the only rewards these surveys give are sweepstakes entries. I recall doing a survey that was worth 30 point yet when I completed it I got nothing.

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  • Jo
    Joepa Feb 20, 2010

    I have been getting cheated out of "market points" on a regular basis and points are converted to gambling credits. I get a constant runaround by Global. I believe that any of those that claim that they have no problems with Global and that they are cashing $50 checks "8 times in 15 months" are simply put lying. I have been having the same extreme problems that most others are having.

    I have started keeping records of points offered, points rewarded (usually zero), gambling credits substituted for points, emails concerning the problems and their runaround answers, etc.

    I was wondering if any of you would do the same and perhaps we can send the info to the US Attorney Generals Office and see what we can do about it. Can you imagine what they are doing with the millions that they are cheating us out of? Imagine it. They are doing this internationally and then sending out fake emails from satisfied winners and check cashers.

    It may also help to add comments to any of the surveys that ask for input from the companies with whom they have contracted the surveys from. OR record the companies who the surveys are from and contact them directly whenever you are cheated.

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  • Rm
    rmundo18 Feb 27, 2010

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  • Al
    Alvaro Alarcon Mar 14, 2010

    Im new to the web. Can anyone state how much money $$$ is 100 points? And if is true that you can meake up until $2000 or more per week???

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  • Sa
    sarash207 May 14, 2010

    i have started these surveys like 1 month ago
    i just need to know what is their phone number ? i can not talk with anyone regarding my account and find out how they are paying? does anyone has the phone number ?
    Also i totaly agree with the complain becasue sometimes they dont even allow you to finish the survey!!!

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  • Ji
    Jim Rivers May 26, 2010

    each globaltestmarket "point" is worth 5cents USD.
    to cash out you need a minimum 1000 points ($50.00)USD
    I never had major problems until recently being cheated out of points and this NEW CRAP of getting "ENTRIES" into their daily and monthly "SWEEPSTAKES" ... what a RIPOFF ! used to be just points and the old system was JUST FINE ! Now they suck, it takes WAYYYY longer to accumulate 1000 points to cash out. I seriously think that once I get to the $50 threshhold this go around I will cash out wait for the check, cash it, then QUIT ! (Unless of course they get their sh&t together quickly. I've been a loyal member since I think 2003. It's just plain SAD now.

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  • Ji
    Jim Rivers May 26, 2010

    oh yeah, and they dont have a phone #

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  • Tm
    tmgbrown Jul 10, 2010

    i was thinking of joining this service but after reading all the entries here, i have to say i'm dead against it. for people that have had their accounts randomly terminated: i decided to read the "terms of use" before joining (i dont usually do this but since this seemed fishy, i decided to skim it) and i noticed that there was a section that stated that GTM was allowed to terminate your account for whatever reason, at whatever time...i now know that is so they can cheat you out of money you have taken time out of your day to earn. that is totally wrong. this thing is a complete scam.

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  • Tm
    tmgbrown Jul 10, 2010

    i was thinking about joining this service when i saw an ad for it on facebook, but now after reading all the complaints, i'm dead set against it. and for people that have had their accounts randomly terminated: i decided to read the "terms of use" section before i considered joining, and there was a section in it that said that GTM has the authority to terminate any existing account for whatever reason, at any time. now i know this is so they can cheat people out of money they've taken time out of their days to earn. this company is a big huge scam, i'm definitely NOT joining

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  • Ta
    Taahirah Jul 21, 2010

    I have been with GlobalTestMarket for quit some time now and up until very recent I started having problems with them. I had enough points to request a reward and I did so. 8 weeks past and I never got it so I contacted them several times afterwards and no one will respond to me. I wish there was some way to report them so they can be investigated. It the principal of it with me because if I take time out of my busy day to take your surveys then when I request my compensation for it I should receive it. They can be sued for this type of behavior.

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  • Pa
    patfredrick Aug 26, 2010

    DO not accept a mystery shopping check from GTM, I found out it is a scam!I was sent a check for $3000, oo.Was checking in on it before doing anything with it, You only get 300, oo of the money and the rest is sent back to them.I mailed the check back to them and it was returned to me saying wrong address.So i called them with the number that came with the check and told them what happened and the lady didnt want to talk to me about it, she hung up on me.I tore the check up and i will never deal with this company ever again.

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  • Ta
    Taahirah Aug 26, 2010

    I am not accept for not getting paid to do nothing. IF you read my post before you commented you would see that clearly. I had been with GTM for several years and taken many surveys in which I rightly earned my points. When I cashed in my points I never got my money. After contacting them several times with no response I decided to cancel my account. Please read carefully before you comment. Thank you

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  • Ta
    Taahirah Aug 26, 2010

    *****I am not UPSET for not getting paid to do nothing

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  • Mu
    mursaydee Oct 06, 2010

    BEWARE everyone just yesterday someone sent me a phony check from global test market claiming that i was chosen to become a mystery shopper. The instructions was for me to deposit this check into my bank account and send them 2, 900 through western union and spend 100 at walmart but dont let the store know that u are a mystery shopper. First of all the check signature looked like a two yr old signed it. Second the address was wrong for global test market.And third the envelope it came in didnt have a return address on it, and the postage stamp was from canada. I got scammed a couple of yrs ago with a phony check i lost my bank account was put on check systems police couldnt do anything about it. No help from western union at all so please be aware of these scams. The government let's these types of things go on because make money by any means necessary.

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  • Ti
    Tinkerbell8 Oct 31, 2010

    I just started 2 wks ago & I immediately saw how many of the surveys of which I was quickly eliminated. I'm a senior on social security & need more $$ for food & utilities. Not to be scammed out of my time & honest efforts.

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  • Ba
    babybear Nov 01, 2010

    This comment is for Global Test Market

    I attempted to join you, but got nothing but an error message saying my email was already being used.

    No kidding.

    I think I will Pass and find another test marketing company


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  • Lo
    lowei Nov 04, 2010

    i live in malaysia. i've received not many surveys maybe because of the location i stay. however, i managed to cash out USD50 once. I waited for nearly 2 months to get the cheque. They send by using courrier service. So make sure there's someone in the address you gave to receive it.

    For me, GTM is just something i did during free time. As i'm not depending on the cash out, so it doesn't matter how long it takes to gain 1000 points or how long it takes to send me the cheque.

    As for points not credited in the account, i noticed that. But GTM sent me an email saying that they're having difficulty in crediting the points into account on time, they asked us to wait patiently. So i waited and my points are credited as promised.

    So far, no issue for me...

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  • Fu
    FuGodSLuvd Dec 09, 2010

    thanks guys. i don't think i'm going to touch this crap with a ten foot pole ;)

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  • Tr
    Troy12 Jan 16, 2011

    I have been doing Global Market Survey for a couple of months.
    The opportunity to get points now is very rare and they keep pumping me for info- then disqualify me...after they ask about 15 questions.
    I am glad that some folks have had a good experience- I am very leery right now

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  • No
    noodjle Jan 19, 2011

    Well I got kicked out for non activity, lost whatever points I had accumulated . How can you be active when you're not contacted? Most sites are more forgiving if something happens but not this one ... you get fired with no pay, no recourse. I guess good riddance. I had to laugh when then getting a customer service rating form.
    The response from them ...

    According to our records, your account was not in compliance with the User
    Agreement, notably Section 3.

    MarketPoints expire three years from the date of award and twelve (12) months
    of no account activity.

    GlobalTestMarket reserves the right to terminate any account suspected of User
    Agreement violations and further forfeit all awards earned from said account.

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  • Za
    zamfir27 Jan 27, 2011

    Global Test Market (GTM) is a SCAM. When companies mail out a flyer with a check for you to deposit as a test run to survey Western Union or Moneygram, you wait until the funds show up in your account, remove the money and send it back to them, they stop payment on the check they gave you, and you're out the amount of the check, and owe it to the bank. This scam is easily identifiable and has been around a long time. When their flyer has misspellings in it, it's the first flag it is a scam. Professional companies proofread their grammer and spellcheck before printing.
    BOTTOM LINE : "Nothing is free", and "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"...P.T. Barnum said it decades ago, , "There's a sucker born every minute", and there are still people who just don't get it. Those who ignore history, are doomed to repeat it, and are usually the same peolple who didn't do their homework in school. Do yourselves a favor, get a better education to get a better, higher paying job, or a second job for supplemental income. Otherwise your best bet is to keep wasting your money playing the lottery...

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  • Le
    leapard1 Mar 31, 2011

    Well, I just got a letter in the mail to be a secret mystery shopper from them with a check for $2, 990.00. On the letter head I have a address and a phone number to contact. Here is the information;

    Globel Test Market
    1100 112th Avenue
    1351 WashingtonBlvd.
    Suite 5000
    Stamford, CT 06902
    1-888-468-6496 Fax; #1-866-791-2284
    Hope this helps you.

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  • Mz
    mzgotitgud May 06, 2011

    i got a check and went to bank its fraud they told me that 200 hunderd dollars would be mine and i would have to go to westren unoin and kamart to shop and tell my experince its a real check but after you withdraw the funds it comes out of your account so you will loss all your money pepole dont do it global test market is fraud joseph corring and lisa smith stop robbing pepole no one has money to throw away...1100 112th av 1351 washington blvd. suite 5000 stamford, ct 06902 if u recive this check from these pepole please by all means void it...

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  • Dg
    dgseriouslynot May 11, 2011

    it dont take me long to find a scam, and gtm is one for sure!but it doesnt stop here, the rest are scams as well.they promise cash DAILY but never follow keep doing your surveys that promise you an income of around 1000 us dollars a month for six months of work and payout not even close to the promises in percentages!so one word of advise from me...quit the survey world and spend your time the way you can enjoy or actually make closing, id like to thank for empty promises and a big waste of time.

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  • Kb
    k_bee Jun 22, 2011

    I have been taking surveys for Global Test Market for almost 5 years now and have never had any problems with them. I've never heard of them being a "Mystery Shopping Company" and there is nothing on their website that indicates that they do mystery shopping, so I am confused by all the posts about people receiving checks for $3, 000 to be mystery shoppers. I think it must be another company using the same name or something. I have cashed in my points from taking surveys several times throughout the years and always received a legitimate check for whatever amount of money was owed me and never had any problems with my checks being accepted by my bank. I don't think these are mystery shopping checks are coming from the same company as the Global Test Market survey company.

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  • Kc
    kcrow Jun 26, 2011

    When I first joined a few years ago, I completed surveys, accumulated 1, 000 points and received a $50 check. Many times I have been screened out after completing 20 minutes of a survey. Recently, I completed an hour long survey for 180 market points ($9.00). After completion of the survey, the company conducting the survey requested that I allow them to leave an icon on my desktop, which I agreed to since I figured it was proof that I completed the survey. Points were never credited to my account so I contacted Global Test Marketing. First, they said it would take two months to credit my account because this was a special survey, then they said I did not qualify because I used by home computer instead of my work computer, and finally they told me I did not qualify because I was screened out of the survey. It does no good to challenge them because you will never win. I currently have 515 points, so I am going to complete another 485 points worth of surveys and them I am going to kiss this company good-bye, after first reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Ka
    KatiV Aug 02, 2011

    I live in Finland have been a member in GTM maybe few years, and just received my first check. I was like yippee ! Till now everything has been fine. But when I went to a bank and tried to deposit it into my bank account, I couldn't do that. The bank said they cash only bank checks, not company checks, which this check apparenty is. I have been in contact with several banks and they all say they can't cash it. I even asked from Western Union. So at the moment it seems I'm not able to get my money. I have contacted GTM and now I'm just waiting if they can help me with this problem. If I don't get any help from them and can't get my money, I have only one thing to do...close my account in GTM, and forget about them totally. But next few days I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and hope everything will turn out okay.

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