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Gasoline Redemption CenterSending in receipts since Oct 2008

I have been sending in $100 worth of receipts since Octorer 2008 and have never received my $25 free gas card. They said they were having computer problems and that the cards would be sent out in Jan. I have not received one and now the toll free number to call them has been disconnected. This was from a travel agency that if I went and listened I would get this free gas. I think the Travel AGency's name is Sundance out of King of Prussia Pennsylvania. Can you please answer and get back to me [protected]
Thank you


  • Ak
    Aktar Feb 20, 2009

    I have been trying to reach Free Gas, at the address :
    14100 Walsingham Road, Ste 36 #12, Largo, FL 33774 and at
    Telephone number : [protected] as printed on the company page. The recording says the Telephone number : [protected] is not a valid number. Then I went to the website : and a message says that the company is having problem with the toll free number and advises to call [protected].

    I called that number today and the recording says the Telephone number : [protected] is not a in service.

    Now I am convinced that this is a scam. This company took a refundable $5.00 from me as a down payment for a $300.00 gas card that I won at an auto dealership.

    I shall now contact the FBI and the Attorney General of Florida to investigate this scam and imprison the scammers.

    I encourage and urge others who have fallen victim to this scam to do the same.

    I had a similar incident in 1997 and I contacted the FBI and the Attorney General of Florida to investigate that scam and as a result, the fraudulent executives of that company were prosecuted and imprisoned. I lost about $14, 000.00 as down payment on that scam.

    Although, this time my down payment was $5.00, I still want to pursue these crooks as a matter of principle. I strongly believe that 'those who commit crimes and those who tolerate those crimes are also accomplice to those crimes and are equally guilty'.

    Please contact me at Telephone number : [protected] if you need help and cooperation. Let us do it together.

    Thank you and best wishes.
    ++ Aktar Huda ++ Tel : [protected]

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  • Ak
    Aktar Feb 20, 2009

    Refering to my above comment, I am posting my email address for anyone to contact me.
    My Email Address is : [protected]

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  • Ni
    Nick Feb 24, 2009

    Florida Sues Gas Redemption Coupon Promoters

    Just found this info, too bad I didn't know this $5 and 3 months ago.

    Hope this helps you all. Call the number listed in the article:

    Consumers with complaints about this company should call the Attorney General’s fraud hotline at [protected] or may file a complaint online at

    Maybe the lawsuit will bring about some restitution!

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  • Mi
    Michelle Mar 02, 2009

    I agree completely that Sundance and GasRedemption is a scam. I was told in early January by Sundance that by January 31st I would receive my gift cards for sending in my gas receipts for Oct, Nov and Dec. Well Jan 31st came and went. The reason why I was calling Sundance regarding this issue was the same as listed as above - the number and even email for Gas Redemptions was disconnected. Today (3/2) I called Sundance. They SWEAR this is not a scam and they are trying to rectify this problem by now having us send them our receipts for gas and they will give us a $1200 voucher for a cruise. I told them I didn't want the cruise since that will be a scam too just like everything else associated with them. They asked me if I kept my receipts from Oct, Nov and Dec...which I didn't obviously since I had to send them to the Gas Redemption center. They said I should send them my receipts for now on and they'll take care of it. I told them to take their scam artist of a company and go to you know where. I am SOO glad we didn't sign up for vacations through this losy company.

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  • De
    Dennis Mar 07, 2009

    I, too, have the same complaint.

    I started sending in my receipts in October 2008. I received an email notification from the company (which I've kept on file) that the receipts were received and that I will be receiving my first gas card soon. I continued to send in receipts and coupons through January 2009 with no further communications from them. Nor did I receive any gas cards.

    I contacted the car dealership (Patriot Pontiac, Charlton, MA, [protected]) and spoke with the general manager, Tom, about this situation. After telling me he had spoken to other customers that started to receive checks, I refered him to this website, amongst others, that have this Gas Redemption scam listed. He was very surprised...and I became slightly suspiscious that he didn't really know how this redemption was supposed to work. To make a long story a bit shorter, he was going to look into it and get back to me. Two weeks later, no word. I called him again, left a message, no reply.

    Dennis Kosakowski

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  • Ma
    Mary Lou Mar 09, 2009

    unfortunately sounds like this company took alot of people
    Was supposed to get the gas cards with purchases at Royal Distributing
    at the sled show last October. Followed all the rules, Oct, Nov, Dec and Jan. No communication after the original email saying the first check was being processed. Pretty rotten when you get conned through a trusted company.
    Mary Lou, Sunderland ON

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  • An
    Angry in FL Mar 31, 2009

    I agree with all the postings. I started sending recepits in Jan 2009. What a rip-off. It may have only been $5, but what a pain. I just got my last set of receipts returned to me. I just went to the website and it redirects me to, where it states:

    Gas Vouchers
    Dear or certificate holder,

    We apologize for the delay in receiving your registration, vouchers, or gas cards from the fulfillment company Tidewater Marketing in Largo, Florida. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Tidewater Marketing fell so far behind in fulfillment that the Florida State Attorney General has brought an action against them and seized the company. A receiver has been appointed by the State to evaluate the company, to decide if they will continue the business, or liquidate the assets.

    Because we are just a distributor that was provided a private label solution by Tidewater Marketing, we have no control over this action, or fulfillment, nor do we have access to any certificate redeemer's information or status. We are not able to offer fulfillment. We will however continue to monitor the situation and provide customer service to our certificate holders to the best of our ability.

    Our understanding is that when gas prices went to $5 a gallon the program had an unbelievable response and the amount of certificates being distributed increased 10 fold. Registration and redemptions started pouring into the fulfillment center and it was overwhelmed. The redemption center realized they didn't have enough staff and began hiring more people. After a few weeks they secured additional office space, and began going through the moving process, getting internet, phones, office furniture, and everything else installed.

    Meanwhile, redemptions continued to come in at a record pace and complaints of slow fulfillment continued to grow. Tidewater servers, utilizing Seagate hard drives, which had all of the customers registration information on them, crashed and had to be sent to an external vendor for recovery. The recovered information came back corrupted and Tidewater has been working very hard to correct the data and get back on track with fulfillment. However their efforts were not sufficient to stop action by the Florida Attorney General.

    Because we have no idea as to when or if Tidewater will be able to continue operations, we are offering our customers with a, or certificate with a code beginning in BE or BI the ability to exchange it for another offer of equal or greater value. Unfortunately we can only provide assistance to customers with certificates that were distributed by us. If you are a holder of certificate with a code beginning in something other than BE or BI you will need to contact the distributor of that certificate.

    We understand that you may not be happy about this situation. Because Millennium Marketing values each of its customers we would like to offer you an alternate promotion for a limited time. If you want to wait and see what happens with Tidewater we understand and you are free to continue sending in your receipts to the redemption center in FL. However we cannot guarantee that you will get any gas cards or that this offer will be available should you change your mind.

    If you would like to exchange your gas certificate for one of the following promotions you may do so by sending an email to [protected] and putting Certificate Exchange in the subject line. Please be sure to include your Full Name, Address, Phone Number, and Certificate Number along with your certificate choice. Exchange requests that do not contain ALL of the requested information will not be processed.

    WHAT A SCAM!!!

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  • Le
    Lee Barber Apr 05, 2009

    My mother has been doing the same thing and the envelope is returned stating undeliverable.
    The Riviera Hotel & Casino is still issuing these encouraging people to participate.
    We are phoning the Riviera Hotel next to share with them to STOP doing this.

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  • Ch
    Charlene Krause May 11, 2009

    This happened to my boyfriend and myself also. "NO GAS CARDS"!!!" Since Oct of 2008 we have been sending in receipts, one was returned unable to forward. The phone number is no longer valid when called. Promotional offer was offered by TowneChrysler Dodge Jeep on 5130 Camp Road in Hamburg, N.Y. [protected]. This has to be scam. I will contact the Attorney General's Office in N.Y. to see if this can be rectified and investigate the scam

    Charlene and Wayne
    Buffalo, N.Y.

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  • Fu
    Furdhie Mankzriegh Oct 24, 2009

    A similar rebate program exists and is offered by My Free Travel <>. Tied with this are the following websites:,,,

    The wise guy behind all of these programs is Steve Horowitz (see

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  • Fu
    Furdhie Mankzriegh Oct 25, 2009

    We need to blow the whistle on "" since it is eerily similar to scams that were confirmed just a few months ago. Valluebuzz and BBC Resource Management in Arizona as well as Tidewater Marketing of Florida come to mind.

    "" operates the rebate program through "" and "". Their terms & conditions are typical as far as it can be confusing to the average consumer. However, the crux of the scam is the $9.95 registration fee which is refundable at $10.00 (yes, you end up getting 5 cents more AND only if you do not make any mistake). Yes, there is the "one mistake" clause and since most regular consumers would make a mistake, they keep the $9.95. Then at their discretion, you may still participate but any more mistakes will disqualify you, etc.

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  • Fu
    Furdhie Mankzriegh Oct 25, 2009

    "" operates the rebate program through "" and "". Their terms & conditions are typical as far as it can be confusing to the average consumer. However, the crux of the scam is the $9.95 registration fee which is refundable at $10.00 (yes, you end up getting 5 cents more AND only if you do not make any mistake). Yes, there is the "one mistake" clause and since most regular consumers would make a mistake, they keep the $9.95. Then at their discretion, you may still participate but any more mistakes will disqualify you, etc.

    On October 20, 2009 the Better Business Bureau accreditation of Myfreetravel was suspended due to failure to fulfill and/or abide by BBB Membership Standards. The BBB has no reliability rating for Myfreetravel at this time as a result of consumer allegation patterns requiring investigation.

    If you feel your consumer rights were violated, you may report your experience to the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Gr
    Greg862 Oct 25, 2009

    Any complaints about this promotion are with the promotional company, NOT with the vendor who gave you the coupon. That vendor actually PURCHASED it from the promoter and was ripped off just like you were. Calling the manager of the dealership or travel agency other than to let them know about it (which I assure you, THEY KNOW), won't help collect the premium that you are due.

    One major company that runs this nationwide (under many different names, so this may mean your company as well), filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection sometime in July 2009, if memory serves. Some major investor of theirs pulled back his funding of their business. They are suing him in turn, again if memory serves.

    But collecting that free gas or groceries or whatever they set up for you...that will be impossible unless they win their suit against the investor...and that will be in court for a while.

    Save your energy and time...they know, believe me.

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  • Ni
    NicoleMFT Nov 16, 2009

    Anyone that is experiencing any difficulties with their rebate, please contact me. I would be happy to help and assist you in anyway that I can. I can be reached Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 5 pm cst, at [protected] ext. 129. If I am unavailable, please leave a detailed message and I will return your call within 48 hours. You can also contact me directly at [protected]


    Customer Service
    My Free Travel

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  • Gr
    Groutchy Ole Crankshaft Nov 29, 2009

    Give me a break have no intentions on helping, just delaying the inevitable! You should be ashamed!

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  • Hm
    hmsny Feb 13, 2010

    Received a voucher through Best Buy for $300 in gas vouchers (12 months at $25). I did exactly as described mailing my receipts and voucher form every month on time and never received a gas card, nor information from the company on why.

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  • Fe
    Felicia61 Apr 02, 2010

    My name is Felicia Jackson and I too was scammed in believing that I was going to get some money back for the gas that I put in my car. I received the gas cards when I bought my car which is a Suzuki Vitara. This company was nothing but a waste of time and money spent on stamps. I want every penny that was promised to me.

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