Within the past two months. I noticed I was being charged $14.95 a month for '"RESIDENTIALEMAILMOFFE''.
I called the billing department, who said, "I see you signed up for this after doing a "SURVEY' on line.
I had NO IDEA WHAT they were talking about, I never do surveys, and I TOLD them that, , , they never really STILL did not tell me WHAT I was paying for...
YES, THIS IS FRAUD, A SCAM, A RIP it what you want, but it is NOT a real thing. I was being charged 'ON BEHALF OF RESIDENTIAL [email protected]!!! Under the ESBI, it says long distance calls...Funnny thing, I have NO LONG DISTANCE when I signed up, 3 yrs ago...and you cannot call long distance from my home...THAT IS WHY I USE A CELL PHONE!!! So, look VERY good at what they are saying...even the operator kept arguing with me...TILL I SAID, 'I HAVE NO LONG DISTANCE', check you records...Well, I am supposed to get my money back...but I am not holding my breath...I agree 100% with the first email!!!

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