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CB Energy and Utilities FPL Energy Services I am billed twice for same electricity since January 2023
FPL Energy Services

FPL Energy Services review: I am billed twice for same electricity since January 2023

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6:02 pm EDT
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In January we started a Remodeling of our House, we had to move our Residential Meter to a Temp Bussiness Meter. The House was without the Electric Panel and without any Electricicity except for the crew doing the remodeling work.

During the months of January 2023 through August 2023 we have received two Electricity Bills, one bill of $624.67 for the Residential Account # [protected], and another bill of $ 1,067.79 for the Temp Account #[protected].

We contacted FPL Customer Service on August 28 and 29, talked to their Manager, Mr. Roldan, Employee # 4294 asking for a Refund of the Residential bill as we have not used electricity during the period from January to August, simply because there was no Electric Panel and no outlets where to connect any appliance.

The house was in Full reconstruction, electricity was flowing to the only Meter available; the Temp Meter.

Mr Roldan told us there no solution.

We demand FPL refund the total amount of $624.67, otherwise is charging us twice for the same product.

Desired outcome: Refund us $624.67 of the Residential Account <span class="replace-code" title="This information is only accessible to verified representatives of company">[protected]</span>

Update by Marcelo B
Aug 29, 2023 6:23 pm EDT

We have been billed twice since January 2023 through August 2023.

In January we started a full Interior Remodeling prj in hour house that required to Remove the Eelectrical Panel and switch from Residential Meter to a Temporary Meter.

Two accounts remained open, Residential Acc # [protected], and Temporary Acc# [protected] although only the Temporary Meter was active. Electricity was flowing to the temporary meter for the crew doing the remodeling job been able to work.

The house was without the Electrical panel, no wires, no outlets, no way to connect any appliance.

In July 19, 2023 we approved the Final Electrical Inspection, since that day we started using electricity for all the appliances, A/C, Water heater, etc.

The Miami Dade Inspector approved and canceled the Temporary Permit, so we understood no more charges on Acc# [protected] should be applied, and charges should switch to the Residential Acc # [protected].

It turn out we have been billed Since January $1,067.79 for Acc#[protected], and $624.67 for Acc#[protected].

It means we have been invoiced by FPL twice for the same Electricity.

We talked several times to the Customer Services Mgr, Mr. Roldan, employee #4294 without any success. Basically we are at a dead end.

FPL charges us twice for the same electricty leaving us without any possibility to recover our money.

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