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Ze Oct 01, 2019

Good afternoon. I live in the north charlotte area and regularly shop at a new food lion location at 13108 Eastfield Village, Huntersville, NC (please note I placed a different store in the required field because this one did not show). I have lived in this area for a long time and I get groceries here with my family every week since this location opened a few months ago. Our experience is typically good, however last Saturday we experienced something no customer should ever have to deal with.
My wife was at the meat section. A stocker named Mike (older guy with white hair, beard) rudely butted in front of my wife and almost bumped into my baby stroller with my 21 month old daughter in it. My wife asked him to say "excuse me" and emphasized that we were not done making our selection, and asked him to wait. Mike then went around us and again, rudely butted in front of my wife to place something on the shelf, stating "I have to do my job" in a aggressive manor. My wife asked him why he would do that in such dismissive way, to which he got in wife's face and begin grumbling about doing his job. I then asked him to not be so aggressive to my wife and he then got in my face with the same aggressive manor. I explained to him that what he did was very disrespectful. He got closer and asked me "what are you gonna do" in a challenging and aggressive manor. I told him not to threathen me, and asked him to get his manager. After taunting me, he stormed off to the breakroom. I went immediately to get a manager. Ashley Benz and another young lady with short hair ( Mary I think, not sure) were very sympathetic and helpful in the moment. They gave us gift cards, which was nice, but we were still bothered by the tone of this guy. Mike got in my face again as I was waiting for the manager as he walked out the breakroom. Later the store manger came out to speak with us (shorter, bald man). He explained that the incident was inappropriate, and that HR would review the tape (which I made clear would show the incident as we described). He also explained that Mike would be disciplined. After this he seemed to subtly make excuses for Mike, to which we were very disappointed in, because his behavior was very inappropriate and warranted a immediate termination. The store manager had Mike come up to us and give us a fake apology, to which we were very unhappy because we were both not comfortable with a guy who was intentially pushing us to a point to defend ourselves. I felt that the store manager was trying to smooth it over, while not acknowledging the a real concern for people's safety.
I was shopping with my family - my wife and little baby. We did not provoke this guy. He took it upon himself to be rude, dismissive, and aggressive to the point where I might have had to defend myself and family had I not asked for a manger. We shop here every week with no problem. We would like to continue, but we question if we will because of this incident. We got no real assurance from the store manager, and it is disappointing that he did not seem to realize the seriousness of this situation. When I asked to speak to a manager after this occurred, other store employees did not seem surprised that Mike would react this way.
Please follow-up with this situation.

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