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Mi Oct 01, 2019

On September 20, 2019, my husband took his 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT to Firestone Complete Auto Care on 2136 George Urban Blvd, Depew, NY 14043-1848 for a standard wheel alignment. When he picked his truck up, he found damage to the passenger side door of his truck that had not been there when he brought the vehicle in for service. I can attest that the damage was not there when he left the house before taking it in for service. He pointed the damage out to the employee when he picked up the truck. The employee swore they did not do any damage to his vehicle. My husband argued with him, and then finally called the police to file a report. The police came but indicated it was more of a civil matter and my husband was better off trying to work out with the manager. My husband took off that Monday, September 23, 2019 to speak specifically to the manager, Max Taylor. He called and was told Mr. Taylor would call him back. After three hours, my husband had to call again. He brought the truck in for the manager to see the damage and the manager told him it was too bad there was no paint color on the dent because then they could figure out what cars were in the shop that same day. He also told him that his employees would not lie about damaging his vehicle because Firestone gives full authorization to the store manager to fix any damage done by employees. My husband continued to explain the dent was NOT there when he dropped it off and that the insurance agent had said that Firestone is culpable for any damage while the vehicle is in their possession, which this was. Unfortunately, this branch does not have any video cameras so these employees are getting away with causing $920.00 damage to my husband's vehicle for a $102.00 service.

If we file a claim with our insurance, the deductible is $500.00, more than half the cost of the damage incurred and our insurance rates could increase. All because we cannot trust taking our vehicles to Firestone for professional repairs and trust the company will be honest and take responsibility for damage caused by its employees.

I have the pictures of the dent caused by your branch office as well as the estimate to fix the damage caused by your company! I also have a copy of the invoice to prove the vehicle was there. I am hoping you will resolve this matter immediately before I take this public and explain how Firestone is able to cause damage to a vehicle so never trust it with any branch because all they have to do is damage it and then claim they did not do any damage.

Firestone Complete Auto Care
Firestone Complete Auto Care

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