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On the 25/09/2019 My Samsung A20 was stolen in the mall, I reported this the following day, I finalized all documents and police reports on the 30/09/2019 of which i emailed to Finrite on 1/10/2019 8:45am, I called the following day 2/20/2019 to confirm if it was received of which it was. To date 8/10/2019, i have been told that they are waiting for authorization, finrite policy documents state that claim will be processed within 72 hours apon receipt of all relevant documents, this has now proven to be completely false and in breach of information stated on policy documentation, the treatment by consultant in the call center in unsatisfactory to say the least.

  • Finrite Administrators Customer Care's Response, Oct 09, 2019

    Good Morning,

    We acknowledge receipt of your complaint and we would like to assist you accordingly in investigating the matter.

    Could you kindly provide us with your ID/Policy number in order to assist.



Oct 08, 2019

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