Fingerhutonline credit application

T Dec 12, 2018

Last night 12/11/18 I apply for credit and am told I have an online account and must log in to do that, so I did. My application was refused because my address was wrong. I have moved twice since that online account, but nowhere online did it ask me to verify my information only my phone number. I was instructed to call today 12/12/18 before 6 pm. This morning I receive a call from your company, the lady said since the address was wrong she was going to deny my application and transfer me to a customer service rep to start over with the new address. This gentleman's accent was so strong I couldn't understand him. He began to ask questions to verify my identity and I told him I couldn't understand him and asked to speak to someone else and I was denied and he asked several more questions and I kept telling him I couldn't understand his accent. So he denies my application and sends me to another customer service rep who reads all the terms and conditions and denies me telling me I needed to mail proof of identity, social security, etc. Insane for a 680 to 701 credit score. I've never experienced such bad customer service. Ever. This is my 2nd time attempting to shop with you and it has left a terrible taste in my mouth.

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