Li Sep 30, 2019 ON

I changed my Fido sim thrice in 4 months because I couldnt hear the other person kn the line after 10 minutes of talking.
This happens everytime.
I dont get connected to the customer service number from my phone.
When I went to the store to enquire about this the representative told me he cabt help I have to make the call to customer service.
I called the customer service and at the end he changed up on me. This is my first problem.
Second, when I told about this to the representative at the store, he was just shaking it off as if this isnt his problem. I was helpless and frustrated after waiting for 1 hour.
I am changing my sim to another network because everytime I go to the store I have a very bad experiance.
Today i went and talked to the another representative about this, and he humiliated me in front of everyone. Whatever I said he had another excuse to tell and get over with it.
I am so disappointed with fido network.

  • Fido Customer Care's Response, Oct 01, 2019

    Hey Linda! This is absolutely not the kind of experience we want for our customers. We value our customers and take their concerns seriously. Can you reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter so we can take a closer look into this situation with you? We'd hate to see you leave Linda!


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