FBIonline injury by sexual photo postage

Sep 05, 2018

Since date, I published my attached complaint online on complaint board, for selfish reasons some fraudsters are putting and then e-mailling me to get read me my facebook some abusive sexual photographs . It's a insult and damage to me and my parents' reputation as well as career.

I've never subscribed the such things in any manner on reasons that I'm already victim of financial crimes for which prevention by UNO FBI is mandated dated 10-10-11 with other collaborated parties. Such the acts done in intention to injure the victim are the illegal crime committed under prescribed sections of IT Act-2000 punishable with imprisonment or fine or both. This model law is get adapted by UNO to every member nation.

As per third attached hereby sent in legal reference, I've already done complaint dated 30, 2018 to the FBI on their e-mail address to get compensate me $ US 20, 000 for insulting and damaging me and my parents' reputation but FBI yet done no any appropriate action.

Therefore needed action is to be get done to make the world a better place.
Thanks the this board

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