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Fandango Complaints & Reviews

Fandango / Charged me and never gave me my credit

Toninj71 on May 13, 2017
They are liars and are robbing movie goers. I purchased tickets and couldn't make the show so I cancelled and requested my fandango account to be credited. I never recieved an email confirming this and when I checked my bank account fandango charges were taken from my bank for $28.48 so...

Fandango / Fandango charged me and I got no tickets

Michelle Capetillo on Apr 17, 2017
I tried buying movie tickets through fandango website but everytime I was done it said error, I tried twice, so both times I was charged but I received no email or tickets, they still took my money. I called and told them about the problem and they just left me on hold. I want my money...

Fandango / holding funds no tics son can't go to movies

Whitehead36 on Apr 16, 2017
I attempted to purchase tickets for Boss Baby as the last activity for my son before heading back to school after spring break. I received and error stating that I put in the wrong zip code but my card was still charged. I was basically called a liar by the supervisor I spoke to and she...

Fandango / no ticket received until after movie started. refund me

Diane Abrahams on Apr 14, 2017
I purchased my ticket at about 2:15pm. Movie was at 2:30pm. No ticket sent via email or appeared on my account. On hold with fandango for 10 minutes until a rep (Natalie) picked up to transfer me to a surpervisor (Elizabeth) after denying my exchange. Supervisor would not exchange and...

Fandango / Fandango and their customer service

Jovani on Apr 3, 2017
So this past Saturday I went on line and booked 4 tickets to watch boss baby at a theater that requires you to reserve your seats. The following day we drove 1 hour to the city the theater is located at, we got there and went to find our seats. Someone was already sitting in them though, I...

Fandango / Unfair refund policy/customer service/i've never written a complaint on a company until today

J. Nickole Hawkins on Apr 1, 2017
I purchased 2 tickets to see "King" in 3D for my son and I. A glitch in the fandango app defaulted my tickets to the wrong theatre, even though I selected the right theatre. Because there was an extensive wait time to speak with a customer service agent, I ended buying 2 more tickets at...

Fandango / Movie tickets I could not access at kiosk

Stephanie Lockridge on Mar 18, 2017
I purchased tickets for Beauty and the Beast in Feb. went to movies last night and could not access tickets ! I had two children waiting to see the movies and it would not accept my credit card ( I bought through pay pal-but my account is linked up with my Wells Fargo Credit card) it would...

Fandango / Gift card

EllenBL on Mar 12, 2017
Today we tried to use a gift card given as a gift. The website said there was a balance of $25. We tried to use it on a computer and a phone both said it was not valid. We tried to call the 866 # and were put on eternal hold and could not reach a human. We used chat and waited 65 minute...

Fandango / Horrible customer service / unauthorized charges

Keisha D. on Mar 6, 2017
Today is March 6th and I am currently on the phone waiting for their customer service to pick up. It's now been 50 mins and nothing. I haven't dealt with such crappy service in a long time. Great job Fandango! You have now lost another customer. The reason I was calling, since you won't...

Fandango / Sells movie tickets

groshardt on Mar 6, 2017
I won two Fandango movie tickets from World Market. I was to claim them by 1/31/17. I did try to claim them about Jan 25 for a 28th show. Your software had a bug and gave me a message that the code had expired. I called Fandango and got the run around. I sent a copy of the email as an...

Fandango / Movie ticket purchased

Sasha520 on Feb 13, 2017
I purchased a ticket to watch 50 shades Darker on 2/10 for the 10pm show i was unable to make it. have not used my ticket and i was told i cant change it for another day . that is fraud your telling me you get to keep my money for something i never used. if this is not fixed i will report...

Fandango / Unfair exchange/refund policy, rude customer support, do not use fandango

Alex302 on Feb 10, 2017
A glitch in the fandango app defaulted my tickets to the wrong theatre even though i selected the right theatre. In the fandango app, I selected my cinema of choice. Purchased tickets for showtime 10:15pm. Was in line at 10:05pm and the teller tried scanning, but would not work. After some...

Fandango / Refund policy

anon01001 on Feb 2, 2017
VIP accounts accepting the refund policy terms user license and agreement etc. Fandango will not issue a refund after showtime no matter what unexpected or expected circumstance happened. Clearly, when you walk into the theater a ticket master processes your confirmation number. Thi...

Fandango / Movie ticket refund

Mimi2008 on Jan 27, 2017
1/22/2017 - is the date of the incident A0170364452 purchased 5 tickets for a show through Fandango. got to the box office and purchased better seats. box office said to get a refund from Fandango we needed to go to AMC customer service. customer service gave us the number to call. we called...

Fandango / Refusing legal refund and ignoring requests and bad service

Schmoo11 on Jan 20, 2017
I tried to cancel tickets due to a snow storm, even the theater was closed. After 2 hours on line waiting for chat, and 5 emails with a rep called Ashley I still have no decent response. I call and get hold of a rep that stated "Ashley" never followed up so she calls the theater and...

Fandango / $15 fandango gift card

hhollmann on Jan 14, 2017
Received a $15 Fandango gift card from a friend. When I tried to redeem the gift card on the Fandango website it said it was an inactive card. Called customer service and waited for 20 minutes on hold to speak to a man named Kelly who looked up the card via the card number and pin. It...

Fandango / This service is severely flawed and is not user friendly

Gregg Bernhardt on Jan 14, 2017
I received a Fandango gift card as a birthday gift and proceeded to purchase two tickets to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story playing at a local theater on January 14, 2017. I purchased the tickets on my iPad the evening before (1/13/17) without incident. I received my purchase confirmation, but simply...

Fandango / No refund for unused tickets

Valarie Apperson on Dec 29, 2016
I bought $50 worth of movie tickets online. I tried to cancel them, but when I needed help from customer service, I was #70 in line. Seventy. They have refused to give me my $50 back because I took too long to cancel. Um... Because I was number seventy in line! I did not get to see the...

Fandango / Gift card was never delivered

lisa0587 on Dec 25, 2016
I ordered a Fandango Dinner & Movie Gift Card on December 19, 2016. The card was to be delivered via email within the hour. My credit card was charged immediately and I received an email from Fandango that the order had been placed. I found out on Christmas morning that the card was never...

Fandango / Digital gift card

David Nix on Dec 22, 2016
I ordered a digital gift card, was promptly charged for it, and it has not been delivered. Four days later, still no gift card number. Christmas traffic is no excuse for what should be an automatic transaction system. I have been ripped off. It's Friday morning - they have 24 hours to...

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