Family Dollar Storesstore did not open at correct time.

S Nov 03, 2019 Review updated:

I waited earlier this morning, 8 am to 9:30 am. The store never opened. I must have seen 60 customers come and leave. Finally I gave up, once at home i called the store. No answer. I continued calling until finally a woman answered, I asked what time they opened, she replied we are open now.
During my wait, a police officer looked inside and pulled the doors. He then went sit in his car. He stayed in the parking lot.
I'm 77 yrs. I'm grateful to be able to do my shopping at family dollar. I wasnt able to do that today. I dont know when I will make it there again.
Thank you
Shirley Poirrier


  • M
      Nov 03, 2019

    Sometimes emergencies come up. Let's hope it doesn't happen again.

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  • J
      Nov 07, 2019

    @Mike Evst. emergencies happen, we had a leaky roof, and needed that addressed, have a little patience and maybe if you knew what we actually have to go through working there you would have a little more patience and stop complaining, LIFE HAPPENS

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  •   Nov 07, 2019

    @Juan# Um... He ain't the one complaining.

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  •   Nov 07, 2019

    @Juan# #everywhere is actually standing up for you.

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  •   Nov 03, 2019

    What does the policeman have to do with the story?

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  • K
      Nov 04, 2019

    Its daylight savings time. Clocks were set back an hour. So 9:30 is actually 8:30 and the store doesn't open till 9am

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  •   Nov 04, 2019

    @Kmart 9459 No. Time is time no matter what. People may forget but they doesn't mean that stores open later or earlier.

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