Family Dollarlong wait in line

N Dec 01, 2019 Review updated:

There was a really long line & one cashier. The customer being rang up kept having to have items removed from her total. This wasn't the problem. The manager started ringing the people up from THE BACK of the line without regard to the people who had been waiting throughout the whole interaction with the lady who didn't have enough money to pay for her things.


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      Dec 01, 2019

    I can't say this for sure but with the typical setup of these stores was the line the registers one single line for both registers and by the time the manager got there the earlier customers were already past his register 2 waiting for register 1 and the only way to checkout the earlier customers 1st would be for all the customers in the line to back up to allow the earlier customers to checkout through register 2 first. Technically the earlier customers advanced beyond where they were suppose to whether customers are checking out through register 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 only you are suppose to wait behind register 4 till any one of the other registers are available.

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