Family Dollarthe manger did not how to put in a 5 dollar off twenty dollar coupon she just kept asking me to buy more stuff until it equaled 28 dollars.

K Dec 07, 2019 Review updated:

I am frustrated because the manager kept asking me to add to my order although it was already 26.93. She kept adding stuff! I explained I need to spend 25 to get 5 dollars off so my order should be 21.93. She just kept saying it's not working unless I add more I don't know why and I font k ow what to tell you! It is frustrating to me. I had to add more items to my order to get 5 dollars off! This makes no sense I spent 25 plus tax and had to add more to get 5 dollars off!


  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Dec 09, 2019

    I'd say some of the items you purchased weren't qualifying items. I don't remember what all the items are that doesn't qualify, but I do remember tobacco, alcohol, and pre-paid cards aren't qualifying items.

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