Family Dollar Storesthreatened and verbally assaulted by staff

I have been going to this store for over 4 years now! I do most of my household shopping here! I went from being a general manager of an office here to being laid off due to lack of work because the company was going out of business... Financially me and my family have been strapped. I recently started my own business however I just started so I am still having to budget!... Yesterday 10/01/2019 I went into the store and I had clipped my coupons and gotten several household items in an attempt to prepare between now and my next customer for my company! I ended up being short $14 somehow... The lady behind me happened to be an old customer of mine from my previous job and she said no dont put anything back brittney here you go (I took card of my customers at my old office) she pitched in the 14 bucks... Later that night I ran out of formula for my 1 year old and ended up having to choose 2 items to return in an attempt to get just enough for her milk... The store rep behind the counter refused stating that my friend paid for my shortage so she wasn't returning anything... I told her #1 these are my items and I purchased several items in here so you dont get to decide what my friend paid for and what she didnt... Then this girl started cussing me and insulting me in front of the other customers who where standing there... I told her "dont you dare slander me in front of other customers that's illegal and unprofessional!" the rep then proceeded to tell me "just because you go with a black man doesnt mean you can come in here like you own the place!" I told her that was irrelevant and she had no right to refuse my return! It was my own personal business and I then demanded a phone number to speak to a manager or the general manager... Not only was I refused a number to call and speak to someone in upper management about the issue she then threatened me "she said I get off at 10 p.M. And will be waiting for you in the parking lot" then she looked at the other customers and said "this white b*#[email protected] is about to me make me beat her a* in here"... I stood there waiting to be provided a number to call and complain and she proceeded to pick up the phone and pretend to be calling her manager this girl called the police and asked them to tell me to not come back!... I know there are cameras and I plan to take this to court... I was humiliated degrated and refused my right to a return! I also have saved my receipt! I was able to gi to another location and explain what happened and that rep was very understanding and suggested I report this! I have been in sales and cust i'll mer servuce and management for 13 years... Being a business owner I would never allow this for my customers!!! This girl publicly humiliated me and threatened me and nearly caused me and my family more problems by not being able to purchase formula for my baby!... My suggestion is roll back your cameras and get ready. I need someone to call me asap! I am willing to settle this without moving forward to the courts as long as its fair!... [protected] brittney rubio owner of journey communications llc.

Family Dollar Stores

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