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I, Traynea Carr, went into the store today 08/23/2019 to make a purchase at approximately 10:45 am and was accosted by the store manager, Kiera Cohill, who created a huge scene upon me reaching the cash register when she told the cashier to cancel my purchase because i was a distraction to jmarcus carr, the assistant manager there, who happens to be my husband and whom i said hello to as i was walking through the store. I was humiliated and felt disrespected in front of other customers and employees because i was told that i can not make a purchase during my husbands shift. I would like to know what your company policy is on this subject. Some how she thought by creating this huge scene, humiliating myself and obviously my husband was somehow far less distracing than my simply saying hello. This incident happened at store number 9277

  • Updated by Traynea Talton, Aug 23, 2019

    Been shopping there since way before he worked there its the only store where we live so like i said not going out the way for some pancake mix and cherry Pepsi sorry

Aug 23, 2019
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  •   Aug 23, 2019

    you should not shop where your husband works and is in partial control. that's just common sense.

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  •   Aug 23, 2019

    im talking from a legal point of view. it seems like nepotism if you choose to shop where your husband works [meanwhile he could do the shopping there].

    I highly doubt this is the ONLY. STORE. AROUND. im on google maps right now and I see its a suburban/urban area with sidewalks. so, you can walk to another store [the library is at the corner of tuscalolza and 14th street and the post office is on the other side of 14th street on your store's 'island'.

    you don't explain yourself halfway decently. your complaint is one run on sentence of which you continue to mention peoples full names of which your husband works as an assistant manager of which he was working there that day. [see how annoying that is?]

    go to the library and check out some books on basic grammar and English usage.

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  •   Aug 23, 2019

    and your husband just stood there and let the manager [his boss] handle this? yeah, that's what a respectful employee does.


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  •   Aug 23, 2019

    is Serba foods too far away????

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  •   Aug 23, 2019

    While you weren’t treated kindly, relatives of an employee should not be there shopping. He could be accused of giving you a discount or free merchandise. Pancake mix and Pepsi are sold in supermarkets and other stores. Your husband should have the sense to tell you not to shop there. With his lack of common sense and your lack of basic English skills, it’s surprising that you can shop by yourself.

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