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Store #10302
Date of incident 09/28/2019 @ 815 am, 915pm
Date of incident 10/05/2019 @ approx 7:45 pm

On 9/28/2019 my brother and I were in the store upon it opening and could hear over the course of us being in the store over 30 minutes listen to your store manager Jana discuss a employee over the phone with multiple other employees. This discuss discussed how the employee was not there to open the store and that instead of firing her she would get her to still come in to work and then write her up for being late so she could be fired. She even called the employee on the speaker phone and had a conversation with her while customers were in the store. After talking with her Jana called Chris another person that works for you and talked about the employee over the speaker. The speaker was so loud that you could hear it in the back of the sore. Later that afternoon I was in the store and noticed a shift manager AJ being super rude to customers. This was not the first time I have noticed this. When asked employees for corporate office or upper management number was told that Chris and Jana were friends with AJ so it would be no cause to report.
On 10/05/2019 my son went into the store and purchased a TV converter and the cashier Michael rung him up. At that time the register Michael was on was not working properly to print receipts. Less than 10 minutes later he took the converter back in the store for a refund. AJ would not give a refund. he was told he had to get a gift card. I was on the phone and stated to my son to just bring the converter back and that I would handle it on the following day. My son told him multiple times that he would just bring the item back. I told them to give him something in writing stating the machine was not printing receipts at the time of his purchase. He had me on speaker so they both heard me say not to return the converter. They refused to give back the converter and gave him a gift card anyway. He gave him the gift card to hide the fact that he had that register running without printing receipts. He is not capable of running a shift and is being allowed to talk and do as he please therefore that are talking to young employees bad and rude to customers. The machine did not print a receipt and that is not a customer problem it is definitely a shift and store manger problem. That store need a revamp of all new people and it needs to start at the top. AJ is just not professional. Another issue is when a customer tonight was short with her ticket Michael allowed her to get the money she came back with 75 pennies. He counted it but in was on the counter. He asked Michael where did you get this mess from. He replied a customer that was 75 cent short. AJ said eww! Really I didn't know it mattered how Family Dollar get a dollar as long as one is made.We should have gotten a gift card in the place of a cash transaction.
Sherita McFadden

Oct 05, 2019
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      Oct 06, 2019

    You’re a pain in the ass l, as is your stupid family. You’re looking for reasons to [censored]. GFY.

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