Family Dollar Storesre:loss prevention, hiring manager investigation, and infection of addicts all over your shipping area

Da Sep 30, 2019 Review updated:

Im a loyal customer at your straight st location for about 3 and half years. As of the last year in a half it has gotten worse for loyal customers.. There is no security guard anymore so I literally see addicts come in and steal from your store sooo freely because there is no employee around and people fighting on line because waiting so long. I literally stayed in line many times waiting too long because there is only one employee at register.
Also due to the hiring manager there is a growing amount of older or elderly employees who do not speak english. Do not help customers at all but just stand around the store doing nothing and cant help customers.. Especially the item at the back of register. Its very questionable why they are employees getting hired, and not working, cant understand english and cant be on register whats the point? The whole store of the pass 2 years continue to be a mess.. I spend lots of money in this store literally every day my household items and your seasonal kknit knacks. But amount of addicts that are allow to hang at the front door, parking and shipping areas unbelieveable! And discouraging. To have to literally watch addicts constantly ask for money then shoot herion in your front, side, back of store property.. I have months and years of footage of what happens every night in your shipping area for everyone to see its disgusting. I recommend an investigating. On your managers at this location well. Sometimes people like managers take advantagee of locations like this. To do what might benefit them but not the company. Thank you (a concerned customer)

Family Dollar Stores

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  • Km
      Sep 30, 2019

    The store can't do anything about addicts at their store. Unless they are asking for money they can't even ask them to go away.

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