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Family Dollar Stores / racist employee, manager

Rw May 17, 2019 Review updated:

Employee and manager wanted to strip me of my rights by forcing me to leave my property alone. Unattended at the register. I walk in and the 2 staff were apparently bored and decided to force me to leave my pack in my wheelchair. First problem is my medications are in my pack. And if I have an "episode". I would not have immediate access to that.
My issue is a WOMAN can come in with an oversized purse, correct?
I refuse to be stripped of my rights !!!
By a SEXIST POLICY. I'm not even getting into the assumption that YOUR EMPLOYEES ASSUME I WOULD HAVE STOLE SOMETHING. Not acceptable ever. This is not the way to treat a disabled person !! Sorry for the rant, but I am greatly disturbed by this, as you can see that this is sent to you at 4:30 a.m. Friday. Before I let my friends at the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION know how I was treated I just wanted to see if your organization cares for the disabled at all... rant over, thanks for your time. Hope to get a response... soon

Family Dollar Stores

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  • Km
      May 17, 2019

    Read you constitution, it's not a right to be allowed to bring a pack into a store you do not own, it's a privilege. You do however have the right not to visit a store that won't allow you to carry your pack inside, and no women are usually also not allowed to bring in an oversized purse, but they usually already know this so they will typically carry a small wallet. I'd think a Veteran would know the difference between rights and privileges. It's not your right to come in my house with shoes on. It's my right to demand anyone who comes in my house to remove their shoes.

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  •   May 19, 2019

    Leave your pack in your wheelchair. So you were also not allowed to use your apparent necessary mode if transportation?

    An oversized purse is still a purse. They are not allowed to force you to part with your wallet or anything important like that. And if they do make you leave your bag with the front then they are assuming responsibility for anything happening to your bag.

    Did you explain you have very important medications in there that you may need access to at a moments notice? (I'm amazed you don't have an aide dog).

    Our problem: we have absolutely no idea what your disability is so we can't really gauge how appropriate their response was for this.

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