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I shop at this location very often and on October 7th I had the worst experience ever while shopping at this store. My girlfriend and I went to the store around 8:30 pm to get a couple things and browse around to see what else we may want, We've done this countless times not thinking there was anything wrong with doing this, well apparently what we were doing is not something "grown adults" do as this is what we were told by the store manager Tommy. I went to the register to purchase a Dr. Pepper while my girlfriend was still looking around. As I was checking out Tommy informed me that he didn't appreciate the fact we were walking around the store looking at things and picking them up because he would have to go around and pick up after us and that that's not what grown adults do. I was completely shocked that he talked to a customer like that. I'm a customer that shops at that store a few times a week and I find it very unprofessional that the store manager degraded and embarrassed loyal customers by not only telling me at the register that I was basically acting like a child and he didn't want to have to clean up after me, but before I even approached the register we could hear him saying all this to another employee from half way across the store. I have never been treated with such disrespect by any establishment like Tommy treated me today. I told my girlfriend to put back the items we we're going to buy and we left the store disgusted by the way your store manager treated us. I don't think I ever want to visit your establishment ever again in fear of being completely disrespected like I was today, and that's a shame because I've had nothing but pleasant experiences previous to today. I hope y'all can rectify this issue and convince me this was an issolated incident and that I'll never be treated like this ever again when shopping at your stores. I appreciate your time and if you have any further questions I can be reached at [protected]

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    I also want to add that when he took the money for the drink he snatched it out of my hand

Oct 07, 2019
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