Family Dollar Storescustomer service was great except for one

So I walked into the store, looked around and socialized with one of your members that goes by the name of Jen talking about the quality of the pumpkin cravers, and leave the store to grab my change from my car and come back in. I'm looking at some of the stuff when a different member came up to me by the name of ken and gave me attitude saying that Jen is working, I know why you came in so why don't you grab your stuff and leave. Honestly I wanted to punch the [censored] out of this guy, first of all you don't [censored]ing know what I'm there for. I'm there to grab snacks because I had a long day at work to the point where my hands are covered in oil and in grease because I work on cars just got out of a ten hour shift to be treated this way. I continue with my shopping and I hear the female Jen confront the male Jen and told him that was a bit out of line, he was just looking around and asking for items. I come here every Saturday and Sunday night after work, and for what to be treated like [censored]. I want something done about this I atleast deserve a Sincear apology. I am sending you a picture of my hand to show how legit I am about working, my ass off to be treated like this. All I can say ken was rude and very unprofessional, Jen on the other hand was completely professional and it made me atleast comfortable to hear that she thought what he did was out of proportion and not necessary, thank you Jen. I'd like to speak to dm about this on top of that, this will be going on social media because of how he acted towards me

Family Dollar Stores

Oct 05, 2019

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