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Mi Sep 19, 2019 Review updated:

Assistant manager nullie. I asked her where a item was she said that it was by the towels I went over there but it wasn't over there then she had said that o while we must be out and I said you must not know where there are at... And after I had said my statement then she got a attitude like I had said something wrong and then she started crying... And then she refused to give the corporate office number. And a customer that was in the store at the moment had helped me found the items that I was looking to purchase

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  • Km
      Sep 19, 2019

    "and I said you must not know where there are at." Correct way of writing that statement is: and I said, " You must not know where they're at." or: and I said, "You must not know where they are at." I will give you a minute to cry now that I humiliated you the same way you humiliated woman. You don't have to demean people just because you didn't get attention you wanted.

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  •   Oct 01, 2019

    @Kmart 9459 but since when in the English language [proper English, that is] do you end a sentence or question with at? [except now]

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  •   Sep 19, 2019

    You were very rude to her. Merchandise is moved or sold out and she can’t be expected to know all problems in the store.

    “I asked her where a item was” is not proper English. “An item” is correct. Agree, how does humiliation feel?!

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  •   Sep 20, 2019

    Wow, moderators have been busy!

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