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On March 25 2019 at around 4 pm I went to my local store I always go, I am there at least twice a week, Store number 10254 my receipt number is [protected]. When I got to the store I noticed a cashier by the name of Arturo helping a customer who was paying, I knew exactly what I wanted and where it was located so it only took me about 45 seconds to find my items, as I was heading to the cashier about 10 ft away, Arturo was coming out of the Register area and we literately crossed paths, He saw me I saw him and instead of helping me he walked into an aisle, squad down and open a box and started to stock the shelves, so I thought, maybe he didn't see me, so I rang the bell at the register and I heard nothing except the stuff being taken out of the box and being put on the shelf, so I walked to the aisle, I could be wrong but I think Arturo saw me on the corner of his eye, so I said, Excuse me, to what he turned and said "What's good", at that point and with his response I was a little upset so I said, "We literately just crossed paths, you knew I was ready, cmon' man" So I came to the register and I still could hear him stocking, a minute later he shows up and mumbles something, I wasn't sure if it was at me so I asked him, are you the only one here? he said Yeap, I said, there is no one else who can help me, he said nope, so I asked so who were you talking to?, to yourself? He said Yes. At that point I was furious so I asked him for the manager's phone number and he said, "I don't have it", I said is there a manager on the premises?" he said yes, I asked can you call your manager, he smirked and said sure, he proceeded to ring the phone's intercom which rang repeatedly and he looks at me, starts smirking and nodding his head to the rhythm of the phone, I think at this point he was trying to get me to lose my composure, A minute later a lady by the name of Veronica showed up she said she was the manager, I offered to talk to her privately so other customers didn't hear my complaint, she said it was fine, another employee showed up and I started to tell her, as I told my experience Arturo was either nodding, or saying -uh uhh- so I looked at his and said, "Excuse me, I am not speaking with you, I am having a conversation with her" he continued to do the same thing. I pointed it out to the manager who by the way, as I was telling my experience, she had no reaction whatsoever, almost as if she is used to the situation, or she just didn't care, She said ok than you for letting me know, I could tell nothing was going to be done so I asked her for Corporate Office's email, she said I could call an 800 number posted on a sign, so I said No I want an email, actually, I said who is your district manager, she said Douglass, I asked for a last name she answered on a dry tone "Valencia" in the background I heard Arturo going uh uhh, and that's when I noticed he was giving me this look locking eyes with me and an angry smirk I guess.

Veronica said nothing to Arturo, she just walked away.

Mar 25, 2019
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  • Su
      25th of Mar, 2019

    You wanted attention and didn’t get it. You were demanding help instead of asking nicely. You think he knew that you were ready to check out and not go to another aisle. You assume too much and are rude.

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