Family Dollar Storesclipped coupon and price on shelf different from price ringing up

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First I purchased item and it said 2.00 on shelf but at the register it rang up 2.25. they took the 23 cent off and the manager told the cashier to change the sign and then when I clipped my coupon the cashier was so busy talking did not let me finish putting in my number then wanted to put it back on my card but I have had item put back on my card to see later that I was charged again and I never got that refund. this store is so bad people started leaving stuff and walking out. I will not shop here again and I will be telling family and friends not to shop their either

Oct 04, 2019
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  • Km
      Oct 04, 2019

    If you knew you had digital coupons why did you pay for the items without putting in your phone number. You knew you weren't going to get the coupon applied without the phone number. If I had a digital coupon I wanted applied and the cashier went pass the phone number step I would have asked to return to the part where I can put in my phone number before continuing.

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