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Ju Sep 10, 2019 Review updated:

I was at the store and received help from the assistant, name unknown, and because I shop there very much, we talk a bit, I didn't realize that it was almost closing time and he was ringing me up and I said I forgot ginger ale and as I was approaching the soda isle the other guy working named mike, said no you're not getting it, its after 10 and I should be outta here and off work, so as I was walking up to the counter to get the items I purchased I said to him tou don't have to be rude to me about it and he mumbled yeah [censored] you! To me. I find this terrible and disrespectful, I told him I would be talking to Brianna, the store manager and Asaad the district manager about this. And he just grinned at me, like as if no big deal. I was in the store earlier that day and purchased $72.00 in items which I will be taking back to the store. I will call the store first to make sure hes working so he has to restock it all and be advised since i have lived in Michigan that has been my go to store, i have bought over $17000 in merchandise from there and i will not be shopping there again until he is fired, i spend an average of $450 a month there from clothing, household items, you name it and i will not be treated like that nor talked to like that. I will not go back in that store until he is fired. I have a girl that used to work at that store living with me for 7 months now and I'm proud to say she is now a manager at the flat rock store. So I'm pretty familiar and a loyal customer to family dollar and I'm very distraught over this. Dollar general is an. 1/8 of a mile further and I can take my business there if Mike's employment isn't terminated. Also I have a couple hundred dollars of merchandise that I stock up on from this store that I've bought in the last 10 days I will just return also. My name is Julie j. Frisbee. My telephone number is [protected]

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  • Th
      Sep 10, 2019

    What a child you are! Glad you behave time for hat kind of childishness.

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  • Km
      Sep 10, 2019

    While using obscene language is cause for immediate termination, most managers won't fired an employee till they have be warned, so unless this employee has already been informed his obscene language has zero toleration I wouldn't expect this incident to lead to termination.

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  •   Sep 10, 2019

    What a big spender!! You spent so much money that they have to listen to you and fire Mike. it was the end of his shift and you wanted to buy more things. You probably said something that you’re not mentioning here for him to talk to you that way.

    I doubt they’d fire him unless he had other complaints about him. They’d also need some type of proof that he swore at you. If he has a sterling reputation and never had a complaint of swearing at customers, I doubt your word is enough to get him canned.

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  •   Sep 11, 2019

    Waitaminute... you got to talking to a friendly cashier and you want someone else to lose their job for doing their job?

    Your friend whose name you hilariously don't know is unable to do his job effectively because you are yakking his poor eat off! He's not doing his job because of you and you want someone else to lose their job because they were actually doing it?

    Friend should be reprimanded for allowing you to continue to distract him and demand his attention. Then you should be banned from entering.

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