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I was in Family Dollar, store 08012 on 12/7/19 at around 6pm. I was scanning the ups code on the Family Dollar app for coupons on things that were marked on sale, but it kept saying no sale found. This happened on 3 items, and two of those items were also on sale. I asked an associate why they wouldn't work, and she said they are told to put up the sale price tags the night before. That is wrong. They should not put sale prices up, including coupon savings until it is valid. If they put them up in advance, they should honor the sale/coupon price. The items were Tide Laundry detergent (69 fluid ounces), All Free and Clear, and Pedigree Small Dog 11 pound bag. There shouldve been an additional savings between sale prices and coupons of about $6.00. Something should be done. I understand they want to go home as soon as the store closes, and I understand that the company wants to save on labor costs, but the sale prices should not be up unless they are valid. It seems like false advertising. I would like to be reimbursed the the $6.00. Thank you for your time.

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      Dec 09, 2019

    Family Dollar policy is to honor sales prices the day before if the store chooses to put signs up the day before. Though coupons are not sales prices, so they become excluded from this policy, though if you have a paper copy of the coupon from the manufacturer you can use it to get the discount, though I know most of the manufacturers no longer produce paper coupons, they only use digital.

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