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I was at your store.. The clerk rang me up.. I was leaving out the store and the alarm went off.. I was going to keep going.. but Helen Kilman asked me to come back.. I expected her to check the receipt.. She told me to walk to the door.. She's still holding the cart.. Suggesting I was stealing.. When she pushed the cart up it beeped.. The manager on duty came up.. I was really upset.. My head is throbbing right now.. May have to got to er.. I'm so upset.. The manager picked up the washcloths and started some tag was still on them that caused the alarm.. I'm embarrassed in front of a store full of people and i'm not going to accept this.. I'm contacting a lawyer in the morning.. Totally uncalled for. All she had to do was check receipts.. I'm not going to sit down on this..


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      Jan 28, 2020

    Checking receipts is unreliable, and wouldn't have stopped the alarm from going off. You were accused by the alarm. The associates were just following up to investigate if it were theft or error. Having the customer walk through without the cart is the fastest easiest way to to determine theft or error. The checking the receipt method would have taken a long time. Everyone would rather do things the easy and fast way

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  •   Jan 28, 2020

    You go to the fvking ER for a headache??? You on Obamacare by any chance???

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