Family Dollarno help in store / witnessed stealing

T Dec 29, 2019 Review updated:

I entered this store - right inside are some carts blocking the way in, so I forged on thru - a young girl was checking a man out at the register but asked me if I needed help. I told her what I was looking for, and she pointed - still couldn't find it. I asked again for actual help. When the man was "finished" she walked to the back of the store so no one was around at all. Still not finding my item, I called out "hello?" - no answer - and again, no answer. Finally an older woman came from the back with sunglasses, coat and cap. I told her what I needed and she disappeared. Meanwhile, the man is helping himself to merchandise all around the checkout. I didn't feel safe at all. Being injured and using a cane, I really wanted to leave. The man kept eyeing me as he stole. No one around at all. The older woman came back and yelled at me! I stated it was not only unprofessional, it may have been complicity on behalf of the man who loaded up on free stuff and waited outside the door for me. I had my cane - just one move, fella.
I will not shop here or any Family Dollar location ever again. It's purely low life and dangerous. Evidently this office doesn't resolve complaints, not care about their customers. Good ridance.


  •   Dec 29, 2019

    So you won’t go to any location because of a bad experience at one store?

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  •   Dec 30, 2019

    you have to wonder the mentality of people who steal left, right and centre from a crappo store!

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  •   Dec 30, 2019

    so you just called out hello hello like you were lost in the woods and heard twigs snapping???

    if you couldn't find what you were looking for perhaps they were out of it. that happens you know.

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