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B Dec 02, 2019 Review updated:

Went into the location and the store was playing rap music with explicit lyrics, when I asked the manager about my dislike for the music he stated, yes boss like I was ordering him like a boss, he was very unprofessional as a manager concerning this issue.

He did not change the music he just ignored my request to play better music for this corp to not treat it like a hood store.

I am a police officer I was n full uniform attire.

Time was8:34 pm

My phone number is [protected]

Name Baron Coleman

Family Dollar

  • Updated by Baron Coleman · Dec 02, 2019

    I called the 800 number after it happen it is not working late hour.


  • W
      Dec 02, 2019

    Your being a police officer has nothing to do with the issue. Unless you are trying to abuse power and bully him into complying He is not breaking any laws, so why bring your job into it. Unless you are trying to make yourself seem superior no need to mention your occupation.

    PS where were you when I was robbed at gunpoint. I get it at the donut shop, or maybe Family Dollar.

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  • K
      Dec 04, 2019

    @worstfist I wouldn't call it abuse of power, but professional restraint since I'm sure the officer could have closed the store for playing lewd music in a public atmosphere. This actually speaks more to the character of the store associate to entirely dismiss the officers request, seeing that he was an officer. If this store associate disrespects the officer in this way I wonder how disrespectful the store associates are to the regular customers. I guess the store associates spit in the face of any customer who asks where the sugar is.

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