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I went to get fruit snacks for my daughter school and I took some to work as well and as I started eating them and they were extremely hard after the second one I knew something was wrong because the taste was not normal which caused me to be sick on my stomach so I proceed to look on the bag and realized the box stated BEST BUY JUN 17 19 almost a whole 8 months later. That is VERY UNEXCEPTABLE for a public well known business. Not knowing if it made any of the other kids at my daughter school sick that are them as well . I'm very disappointed with the company

Family Dollar


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      Jan 21, 2020

    For small format stores like Family Dollar and Dollar General this is actually pretty normal on unpopular consumables. These out of date items are only caught when new products come in and the item is rotated as required by the FIFO process. Fruit snacks are not a popular item especially when it's an off brand like Chestnut Hill or Clover Valley. Larger retailers like Walmart and Target have people who look for close date products. Kmart actually has a program that tracks when items are received by a store and when those items will be going out of date and each store receives a report based on inventory levels so they know exactly which items they still have in store that are close dated and how many of these individual items they still have.

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      Jan 24, 2020

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