Family Dollaremployee/manager

B Dec 01, 2019

The store manager at this store came running out the store after I had left out the door immediately with out purchasing any product, because I suffer from stomach issues, and mental illness so I left to go home, the store manager came outside and yelled profane things at me from across the parking lot I was walking in to go home accusing me of stealing, when I did not steal any thing they say they had witnesses stating I stole things, which again I did not steal anything, she said "you better bring MY [censored] back before I call the police." I walked towards her and I emptied my bags and my pockets and showed her I did not steal anything, after that was addressed she told me I was banned from the store not to come back. I believe she profiled me because of my looks, and my disability, I would like her to be fired for it caused me emotional damage and my depression to act up

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