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C Feb 23, 2020 Review updated:

I want to put a complaint on the family dollar on 8 mile and southfield, MI the cashier was on her phone texting yesterday on Saturday January 22, 2020 she didnt greet any customers she was being very rude and she needs to be fired ASAP!!! This was very unacceptable she was rude to the older customer in front of me she didnt want to help her it was a very horrible experience I will never shop at that location again until she is fired. This family is located between 8 mile and Southfield, MI in the plaza by VAULE WORLD


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    Kmart 9459 Feb 24, 2020

    Being on the cellphone isn't a problem since chances are she was performing work related task with the phone. I'm probably on my phone 1 hour a day with my boss. Usually sending in the Flash Sales reports, rescheduling associates, receiving new tasks to be performed. Personally I'd rather not have to use my cellphone for business related tasks since it uses up my minutes, texts, and data. I use to spend $7 a month for cellphone service since I'm not big into cellphone so 1/2 gigabyte would last me 3 months, now I have to spend $20 a month, and they won't reimburse me for the expense. I'm probably going to let my phone deactivate itself after my next end service date comes up.

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