Family Dollarcomplaint against, employee bree.

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To whom this may concern:

My name is Erica. At approximately 4:15pm, 12/08/19, I made a purchase at this Family Dollar. I shop at this location frequently, but today is the first time I've had this experience. The young lady that checked me out (not Bree) had conversation for everyone in line. When I made it to her she said nothing to me. I had an item that wouldn't scan and she said "Is there another one over there this won't scan". I left the line to get an alike item and she scanned it and gave me my total. I paid and went outside. I stopped and turned around because I was offended and decided I didn't want to spend my money there if I was going to be treated like I was invisible. I entered the store and politely asked what is your return policy? This is when Bree jumped in. She said what do you mean what is wrong? I said I'll just put it in a nice way and say nothing I'd just like my money back. She smirked and came to assist. I decided to go ahead and let her know in hopes of them correcting this small yet important matter. I told her that I've been coming here for a while and this is the first that I've been treated this way and it really offended me. I was not greeted when I entered, but as customers behind me entered they were. The cashier had greetings for everyone except me when I checked out. When I told Bree this she apologized, however, she told the cashier, in front of me, "don't worry about it you did nothing wrong." I told her that was unprofessional and she could of reassured her coworker of that after I exited the store. She said with great attitude "I just wanted to let her know she did nothing wrong." I said I understand that but that shouldn't be done in front of the customer that is complaining. She insisted on being there for her coworker. I was not rude to either of them and was very calm with my complaint to Bree. She was extremely unprofessional, disrespectful, sarcastic and completely rude. I asked for her managers information and she said "sure would you like me to spell it or write it down? You can also call the 800 number to complain as well!" She said all of this in a very sarcastic disrespectful non chalant way. I still didn't get the information I requested by the way. She literally said it as if she is not worried about my complaint because she will not suffer any consequences. She continued to say smart remarks as I was walking out the door and I said there is no need for that as I stopped to the door way. She stated she was going to call the police on me for harrassment! I asked how was that? I'm leaving the store because I am no longer doing business here and you're the one talking and being unprofessional. Something has to be done. I'm never one to be after someone's livelyhood, however, she is not concerned. I request that she is reprimanded to the fullest extent so no one else will experience her again. I shop at Family Dollar a minimum of five times per week. With Bree working for Family Dollar, today is my last day. This is unfortunate as I plan to share this experience with my family, friends, coworkers, etc. This is not acceptable and something has to be done. I would like to speak with someone also. My number is [protected].


  • K
      Dec 09, 2019

    It's kind of disturbing that you get offended by something like not being greeted. Most customers prefer the cashier shut up. When a cashier is talking to customers and I'm waiting in line I just want them to shut up so I can pay for my order and get going. I can only assume that people who want to talk with store associates probably live such pathetic lives and has no friends so the highlight of their day is to visit the local small format store.

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  • T
      Dec 09, 2019

    Lmao. You’re pathetic. Seriously. Get a life and move on with it. It’s not that big of a deal. You want the red carpet treatment at a damn dollar store and when you don’t get it you whine like a child throwing a tantrum. Trust me when i say they don’t care. Call the number and guess what? Corporate is going to laugh at you. What’s more, they’ll share it with the employees you’re complaining about and everyone is going to have a nice laugh at your expense.

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