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I have been try to get someone from Face Book to answered me about a game i was playing last night. the game was Bingo Blingo i was try to see how must it was to play the game an hit the wrong key to get off that page that was at 5;38am Wednesday 27, 2012. I would like to have my money back i don't have $94.80 for a game.I call the Headquaters, wrote on Face Book an on my phone you just get an recording no one to talk to about this...Can you help please, Face Book was taken the money off the card.An i would like to have it back...Thank you for your time.. Diane Dews


  • Cy
    Cynthia Brizendine Apr 29, 2013

    was charged for tickets that I did not receive and the charges were for $19.20 and $19.90

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  • Pe
    pebbppeb Apr 04, 2014

    Don't waste money on this game. It steals your points, your tickets and eventually your money. I can't count how many Bingos I won, but weren't credited. I used to keep up a tab of them, but not anymore. After today, I'm done. I'm not playing this game anymore. It also steals your bingo from you if you bingo in the last 5 seconds or so.

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  • Me
    meaty Sep 12, 2015

    Had over 2000 tickets on each of my accounts.. have not played in a while.when I returned to play maybe 2 weeks at the most, my tickets had disappeared. I have 2 accounts and I still have the other 1750 tickets on it but not on my [email protected] would like my tickets back so I can continue to play. I have been playing for 2 years.dont want to stop now...Thanks

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