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F Aug 06, 2018

Exploretrip.Com, a site to be avoided!

i purchased 2 flight tickets from this travel agency for my spouse and myself, from baltimore, md to houston, tx, with departure scheduled for july 30, 2018 at 6:15 pm and arrival on july 30, 2018 at 8:22 pm. These tickets cost me a total of $394.08 and were to be serviced by united airlines. When we got to the check in counter, our passports were requested. We had just our state ids and demanded explanation for such a request. That is when the counter attendant informed us that our flight was an international flight and as such we needed to show passports. We assured him that we bought tickets for houston, tx and no where else. After checking the flight details, he assured us that the flight was going to cancun, mexico the next day, but transiting through houston, tx that day. All our efforts to board that flight were futile because we had no passports and because they said we had a bag to check in, whose final destination could only be cancun, mexico and united airlines could not be responsible for returning the bag to houston, tx. We spoke with united airlines and explore trip customer service representatives to no avail. United airlines demanded an additional $400.00, that is, $200.00 per person, to book us on another flight that same day, while explore trip proposed cancellation with partial reimbursement. I declined the partial reimbursement and demanded full reimbursement, assuring the explore trip customer representative that the company would hear from my lawyer. The trip was nevertheless cancelled before i had time to accept united airline's proposal of additional $400.00 and when i returned to the counter to give united airlines the go-ahead, i was told this option was no longer available since explore trip had already cancelled our trip. I visited all the airline counters and none had a flight leaving baltimore, md to houston, tx, that same day. I ended up booking another trip with spirit airlines (confirmation code: li2ssh) leaving at 06:05 am next morning and arriving houston, tx at 12:27 pm. These 2 tickets cost me $685.60. My spouse and i could not spend the night at the airport. I booked a rental car with hotwire (confirmation number [protected]) at a total cost of $52.45 and we traveled to germantown, md, where we spent the night at a relation's house. I refueled the car the next morning for $15.00 before returning the car. Explore trip made me to incur extra expenditure. From an initial $394.08, i ended up with additional $685.60 and $52.45, giving a total of $738.05. Explore trip has since sent me a partial refund of $199.52 to my account. Explore trip caused me to incur extra expenditure. I was not prepared to get new tickets for my spouse and i but i had no choice. We had to get back to houston, tx or risked losing our jobs. All i need from explore trip is the reimbursement of $149.41, being extra expenditure minus initial expenditure. That is, $685.60(spirit airlines flight tickets)+$52.45(hotwire car rental serviced by thrifty)=$738.05. $738.05(extra expenditure)-$394.08(initial expenditure: explore trip flight tickets serviced by united airlines)=$343.97(extra expenditure incurred). $343.97(extra expenditure)-$194.56(partial reimbursement received)=$149.41.

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