• Hi
    Him Feb 27, 2010

    Sooo glad I came here before I signed my three daughters up! See ya Exploit!!!

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  • Pa
    paulad96 Jan 24, 2010

    I myself to fell to explore too.I signed my son up and we have been them for almost 8 months and have not got one call.When i called thwy offered me 3 free months becouse she said becouse of were i livw is in alabama there is not much around here but i have tennessee and atlantla i even said we could travel but nothing i think they just make up the audtions. i tried to contact some of the members the have gotten work but it seems like there are fake too. But good luck to those of u who have got work from them.

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  • Tr
    TruthTeller59 Nov 01, 2009

    Explore Talent is a SCAM! Go look them up on the Better Business Bureau (

    Explore Talent STEALS free castings from sites like Backstage and Craigslist and CHARGES money for them. I have also seen them steal from LEGIT sites like Actors Access as well.

    Some of my friends have posted castings on Actors Access or Backstage and have found their stuff listed on Explore Talent WITHOUT their permission. I remember seeing a friend's casting on Explore Talent a week after she posted it on Actors Access. I called her and she was like "What the heck?! I ONLY posted on ACTORS ACCESS!"

    One such Casting Director who has had this happen to her is Bonnie Gillespie (

    Explore Talent also MISLEADS!
    They entice people with bogus links such as:

    Some kid thinking he or she will get Disney Channel Auditions will end up at Explore Talent and not see any Disney Channel Auditions.

    Explore Talent has been around for 5 years. In EVERY Acting Reference/Business Book written no earlier than 5 years and even in the books written or edited in 2008/2009, there is NO mention of Explore Talent!

    Let's reference some of the Top Acting Business Books out there:

    In "Acting is Everything: Gold Edition" by Judy Kerr, she mentions LA Casting, Actors Access, and NowCasting.

    In "How to Be a Working Actor:5th Edition" by Mari Lyn Henry, Lynne Rogers, and Joe Mantegna, LA Casting, Actors Access, and NowCasting.

    In "Making it in Hollywood" by Scott Sedita, LA Casting, Actors Access, and NowCasting.


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  • Sc
    screamingvocalist Oct 31, 2009

    Hey aspiring actors: I'm an actor too. I've been on TV and Movies. Don't ask my name, I prefer to keep my anonymity.
    I started on my own with no help. I AM from Hollywood...since a young teen. I've seen almost every kind of scam out there.

    The reason I'm typing here right now, is a friend of mine said she just got hired by a internet casting company...I asked "Not Explore Talent I hope, and she said oh my God" She and I plan on exposing these lowlifes and will be putting together a class action. I know the history about everything having to do with this company and its aliases.

    LOOK PEOPLE!!! Never ever cough up money up front to a company to get exposure!
    The REAL business NEVER EVER works this way! Once you've paid your everyone else (not born into the industry) The only time you should ever pay anyone is to YOUR AGENT. YOUR AGENT DOES NOT GET PAID UNTIL YOU DO...AND THAT IS A STANDARD 10%...SOMETIMES 15%

    Here's my suggestion:
    Get headshots cheap to start off of craigslist...until you can afford better(I don't care what anybody says here) then go to one of the KNOWN self submitting casting websites:

    1.) Casting Networks (they're in L.A., New York & Chicago) $10 bucks a month
    2. Now Casting $10 bucks a month
    3. Actors Access $68 bucks a year

    These 3 ARE especially helpful to those who are NON-UNION and have not joined AFTRA or SAG yet.
    (although they all list both union AND non-union gigs/auditions)

    While busting your a** putting feet to pavement on these sites and going to auditions from these sites EVERYDAY,
    go register at Central Casting...yeah, it's low-brow, but I did it and eventually landed my 3 NEEDED "union" vouchers in order to join S.A.G. It's only a ONE TIME REGISTRATION FEE OF $20 BUCKS

    IF YOU REALLY HAVE GOD GIVEN "TALENT" and are not grandiose you will eventually get somewhere...
    and start racking up I.M.D.B. credits...

    THEN, go shop for an agent.
    Any good agent will not even look at you until you have a bit of a resume.
    Land roles in student films from the above 3 mentioned sites as well.

    REASON? To start building your "REEL" to present to prospective agents.


    Break a leg...

    Thank you for allowing me to be of service anonymously,
    1 talented humble guy

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  • Tb
    TBott Oct 15, 2009

    I recently signed up for the free membership, with explore I got a call today, about a possible minor role in the 4th movie of the Twilight saga; Breaking Dawn. I am excited! The voice mail that was left for me stated I met the criteria, and to give him a call back. But before doing so, I need to activate my account. I came home to tell my husband the news, he of course right off the bat, was suspicious. I told him I would research the company before making a decision. I agree with the guy on the first page.

    On your page it says matched auditions, you click that and it takes you to a page where for your age, height, etc. you fit the criteria. I don't believe explore talent knows whether you are a lesbian or not, or if you have gone to war, or what ever the case may be. They know your name, your weight, your height, your credentials... So if you are matched with something like MTV true...what ever and it is for lesbians, does not mean they want you. You have to actually shocker..SUBMIT your profile to which ever audition/s you are interested in. You can not expect this company to do ALL the work for you. They don't know what kind of modeling or acting you would be interested in. So if you are serious about chasing this dream, pay the money, everyday check for new auditions, submit yourself for them, and see if you get a call back. Worse case, you don't...but you at least tried and gave it a good shot. So I think I might give them a chance as well. I am going to do a little more research on them, and we'll see. Maybe you will see me in the movie Breaking Dawn...then you will know whether or not they are true. My name is looking for me. :)

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  • Ha
    Havok Sep 18, 2009

    Odd how it is assumed they are complaining simply because they didn't get work. I have visited several websites myself, as well as Even on this very page we have someone who is dissatisfied not exactly because there was ExploreTalent did not "make them famous" but because her young daughter was taken advantage of, and her bank account was charged without permission. I also see that it appears the same person keeps popping up to defend ExploreTalent. If you guys are so adamant that all companies as "large as yours" get "some complaints" then why not just drop it? Business is going to keep on going if that is the case. It seems to me for being a professional and reliable business you guys aren't really handling anything either of those ways. You are seeing what you want to see in the complaints posted here. You obviously have some very unhappy customers, or ex-customers.

    But like I said, if it just comes with the deal to get some complaints, instead of attacking them for voicing their experiences, why not let it go? Standing up to each and every dissatisfied customer who has the guts to say something makes you guys look even more shady, but that's just my opinion. I also see a trend in the fact that you like to wave your numbers around in peoples' faces... but as they say, you can make statistics say whatever you want with the proper education on it.

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  • Sn
    Sneekiewonders Sep 17, 2009

    well I agree with the complaints its really ###ed up that ppl take advantage of any one whos trying to make it in this industry PEOPLE ANY AGENTCY THATS ASK YOU TO PAY IS A FROUD first they book you and then when you get a gig you work out all the money issues and i bet ll you mofos that agree with jack ### that are doing this work for them you guys are worst then drug dealers at least they're up front about what they do but all y'all hide behind a computer scream n a phone and dare talk shet about what I had to say I dont care at the end of it all you still are worthless pieces of shets

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  • Kj
    kjlive Jul 30, 2009

    I am intrigued by those who are posting complaints against Explore Talent agency. I must come straight out and say, the complaints are not fair. In fact, I notice a pattern in all the complaints. (1) The complainers tell us how they paid to upgrade to a professional website, but they blame Explore Talent for not making them famous? Get real people! Explore Talent did nothing wrong in 'selling their promo -upgrade package. They understand that to become a successful model, a musician or an actor it's all about EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE! You need to put your photos, your video samples and biography out there! Market yourself! The Explore Talent website gives you all the tools and resources to do just that. I can't but help to mention they publish all the various auditions that you need to go to as well. Look at the homepage of their website. There are well known, BIG-TIME celebrities giving you sound advice. Come on people...use the tools they give you! (2) There is a girl on this forum who complained, remember the hair model? She was skeptical at first, but paid to upgrade her membership, she went to the audition and made a NETWORKING CONTACT THAT GOT HER A PAID MODELING GIG! That's called networking. Is anybody listening? I am a professional pianist/keyboard player and actor here in West L.A. I have a professional package with Explore Talent and I promote my website, I go to auditions, I network, I keep my site updated and use the tools! If you are not prepared to invest in promotional tools necessary to help yourself succeed, find another industry. But stop bad mouthing a legitimate talent agency that has helped me put food on the table.

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  • Ol
    Oliver08 Jul 24, 2009

    First of all whenever I hear people get so wound up and visceral to the point where they sound like they are foaming at the mouth about anything, my guess is they are very likely that way about many things from road rage to the service they are receiving from just about anyone like the phone company or a car dealership or a mechanic.
    Ok, I like all of you checked out Explore Talent. And I looked into many of the other similar companies and there websites and claims. And many of them where clearly not offering a whole lot of functionalities let alone much of large volume of continuous auditions. Then I focused on Explore Talent. The layout of the site. The search engines and data it was laying out for me to look at. And the layout of the resume builder and the process of building the over all profile page. Then I checked out the legitimacy of the auditions they had laid out. The sign up process and the due diligence that I was responsible for that was explained to me ( and that I read about ) that was a big part of the process of getting the whole thing to actually work. Like: Fill out the profile and put up serious pictures in complete and professional way. Then actually get a response from someone casting something. Then actually get an audition. And then if I was good enough at my audition that maybe just maybe I would get work. Well to all those angry complainers and lynch mobs with pitch forks in hand, I just have to guess your still wondering how to change that blinking 12:00 on your VCR from the 80's. You see, I'm one who actually is a doer instead of a complainer. I signed up and followed Explore Talents clearly layed out process for getting a career going. And I got a response, a call back, and not just one, but several parts from just my first audition. But then again you see, I didn't expect it all to just happen for me. I worked hard and really filled things out. And got very good pictures from my own digital camera. I knew it was about focusing on my career at least an hour a day and submitting for a lot of things. And learning what was the best way to come across to the casting people. Then I networked at the audition and gave everyone a sense of my energy, commitment and most of all my talent. This actor is sick and tired of the kind of people who complain about spending 69.99 or a big 119 (about the amount you'd pay for toaster oven, cd palyer or for going to the movies 4 or 5 times) while they so little to understand the acting and modeling industries and the egos and the rejections and pure lack of talent and grainy camera phone pictures so many people have who think someone would actually want to even see them when there is so little to go on on their profile page and they have done so little to train or really get ready and prepared for a career in show business. I mean give me a very very big break. You should all try actually learning about your craft and the over all nature of the beast you are dealing with. As far as I am concerned Explore Talent has many things that are really, and i mean really helpful about it. First of all I thought it does a great job organizing everything you need to pull together for a career. That works especially well for nubies who are totally naive about the whole acting modeling show biz world they think they will get a career in. It was easy and straight forward. Then I actually compared my own ability to get lists of auditions in just some the categories they had and open calls etc. Forget it!! My time was worth way way more than that effort and better spent training and other stuff. So for me just the pure organizing, the resources and the huge volume of auditions and even just the process of learning about the jobs out there was worth the $199 I paid. Which is about the same as I would pay for a 2 hour photo shoot or a couple of acting classes. FYI. I got free monologues and scenes off the web and then used my video camera to practice my work on. I read all of the industry terms and other stuff they had to read and understand about auditioning as well studied and practice doing cold readings etc. So please. Just shut the traps and complaining and either get to work or get back to your day job and leave the show biz stuff to those of us who are paying attention, doing the hard work and actually getting results with help from companies like Explore Talent!

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  • Er
    ernie Jun 15, 2009



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  • Ar
    Are you Serious? Jun 14, 2009

    I at least I believe that Snoop Dogg regrets it now.

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  • Ar
    Are you Serious? Jun 14, 2009

    Also, Snoop Dogg had no knowledge of these complaints before he endorsed them. He was approached and without a hesitation began to advertise for them, because he thought they were a legitimate talent scout, he had no idea that they made money off of bogus and outrageous promises. He regrets that he had not been informed of the above intolerable activities.

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  • Ar
    Are you Serious? Jun 14, 2009

    To: "DAVID" and "EXPLORETALENT.COM" you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. What kind of human beings are you? You think everyone is a stupid, low-###, nobody because you are?? That our IQ's are incredibly SO low that we would ACTUALLY BELIEVE WHAT YOU SAY?? "David" Do you not have a family that you would hate to see fall prey to someone's outrageous claims and have a scam company stealing money from them?? YOU HAVE NO LIFE. I feel sorry for all of you, you are the failures in this world, you are the people we have pity on, because they are worthless pieces of trash littering this world with their inhuman and unbelievably detestable practices. You spend your precious life scraping at the heels of strangers for money, did you grow up poor? Was it such a tragic and traumatic experience that you said you would do anything to make sure you would never be in that situation again? You have psychological issues that a therapist needs to evaluate. Perhaps you guys can go and sign up and pay somebody else to help you with your troubled mind. YOU DISGUST ME. WHO CAN LOVE OR LIVE WITH SOMEONE OR PEOPLE LIKE YOU. YOU ARE THE ### OF THE EARTH. GO GET REAL JOBS...YOU NO GOOD LOW LIVES. DON'T BOTHER RESPONDING TO MY COMMENT, YOU HAVE NOTHING INTELLIGENT THAT I WOULD EVEN BOTHER READING. WHAT A CRYING, CRYING SHAME.

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  • Ry
    Ryan May 12, 2009

    I just talked to a person on the phone who named himself as Craig. Listened for about 5 minutes how cool I am, and "since I am so tall I will be flooded with offers"... But when he told me that I have to pay a one-time fee of 69.99. And something (that I didn't get what exactly) will be absolutely for free for me... I immediately suspected something wrong here and told him that if just in case I decide to be a model of theirs I would "definitely" give them a call.
    The only thing that confused me that they have my address and phone number. Do you guys think it's bad enough to worry about?

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  • Jo
    Joseph Monroe Apr 27, 2009

    Violated by Internet Scavengers
    A Specialty of Explore

    My 17 year old daughter and her best friend fell victims to these internet sewer rats. My daughter goes to school full-time and works part-time as a clerk in a department store to support her modeling and acting dreams. She does volunteer work at an animal shelter on the weekends reads to the elderly twice a week. The funds illegally extracted from her bank account amounted to almost a week's salary. When she tried call she got the proverbial runaround and eventually was hung up on. "Like taking candy from a baby", huh guys? Bet you got a nice yuk out of that one. It is not only the money but also the gross violation of a kid's sense of trust and decency. These are predators that will rape the dreams of young hopeful talent. The only thing lower is a pedophile. They steal call sheets from other sources, list outdated casting calls, or just post their own phony auditions that they write up themselves.

    Explore is by far the sleaziest and most disgusting talent scams operating on the internet. They lie, they cheat, and are constantly breaking the law by double and triple invoicing members. It is just a matter of time before the authorities catch up with them

    Being a journalist it didn't take much digging to find out who these insects are. The company is owned by Ami Shafrir, an ex pimp and porno broker. He keeps Exploitation-Talent in the name of one of his employees we found out. The coward hides behind other people because there are so many judgments against him. They are located at 4312 Woodman Avenue Suite 301 in Sherman Oaks, California. One of the major network news shows has them under investigation along with other intrnet modeling scams.

    Mr. Shafrir owns hundreds of websites between here and China all steering traffic toward Explore This, by the way, is against the policies of Youtube. They have been branding and posting phony endorsements by celebrities. I was told by a someone who attended one of these events that these Celebs had no idea they were endorsing a commercial. These clever thieves used the "old bait and switch." The unknowing celebrities were smooth-talked by a sweet hostess "can you give a little advice to our young members out there?" Then asked to give "a shout-out" to Explore Talent. Essentially getting them to say the name of the company. The clips were then cut to make it look like an endorsement. I will personally send this blog link to each and everyone of those celebrity's managers, agents and publicists. Some of who I work with on a regular basis.

    THE SALES PITCH IS A LIE FROM BEGINNING TO END. If someone calls you hang-up the phone before they can even get out the word talent!! THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A BOILER ROOM filled with desperate young sales people trying to get money out of your pocket.

    Even their own employees are not safe from their vicious tactics They make agreements then decide to "change the terms after the job is done", I was told by a young model-actress . They indiscriminately steal clips from other websites and upload them to their own. Are you listening Youtube?

    Shame on you Explore Talent . Something must be done! Folks, these people are nothing but lowlife cowards hiding behind aliases and lies. These are ruthless cyber -scorpions ripping off easy prey, the young and the vulnerable. I'm not done with you THAT IS A PROMISE I INTEND TO KEEP!!!

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  • Er
    ernie Apr 13, 2009

    This is very sad to read this . Explore talent it seem has no moral fiber. I'm sorry to say. That it is your fault for not checking them out before you gave them any money. This blog has been available
    for a very long time. If I where you I would compose a very nasty blog against there endorsers ie...Snoop Dog, Mr Pat Boone, and the rest of the celebs on explore talents home page. Boycott there music say bad things about them. After all it is their testimony that
    really makes this co. seem legit.
    If you really want to break in to showbiz do this. Go to Barns and Noble by a book called CALL SHEET by BACK STAGE. It will give you a list of legitimate Casting directors and talent agents cost to cost.
    Send your head shots and resumes to them this does no cost any thing
    and it is the way business is done in Hollywood.
    good luck.

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  • Or
    Orlena Jan 25, 2009

    I have recently have complained again to Explore Talent. One of the supervisors Jennifer told me that she did not care about my complaint. She told me that she had about 2.4 million other people so she didn't care. Then she hung up the phone on me. I called back and I got another supervisor whose name is Ben. He is refusing to give me my money back and wanted to contact my bank and wanted to get my bank account number with my credit card information. I said no way. He hung up the phone and that was it. Nothing! I am not getting my money back and I hope that more people see right through these people and do not give them any of their information.

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  • Da
    David Jan 19, 2009

    orlena, Explore Talent has more than one office. I'm not sure what number you called but I didn't receive any message. It appears you called on a saturday, which would make it very difficult to reach me. Try again during regular business hours. I would be happy to speak with you.

    Our goal is always to have a satisfied customer. We are very proud of the service we offer and we have many, many happy customers.

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  • Or
    Orlena Jan 16, 2009

    To everyone who sees this complaint. I contacted the 1-800# for Explore Talent and they told me that there is no David that works there. That proves that this is nothing but a scam artist company. RIP OFFS! People don't be fooled by these people. DO NOT GIVE YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION OUT! IF SOMETHING SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN YOU CAN GUARANTEE THAT IT IS!

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  • Or
    Orlena Jan 15, 2009

    David, why do you keep bringing up other people in this. Ralph's, Trader Joe's, who cares about them. All I know is that you people have cheated me out of money, bank account, and now my credit is ruined. You people are scams if you are so sure of yourselves then why don't you tell everyone that you are going to give me my money back. I am willing to show anyone who would like to see my statement that my bank account has been closed because of your business and this is not the first time that your company has cheated someone. As soon as I put Explore Talent through to the internet you don't see your web site. The first one is Explore Talent scam! If you are so sure of yourself then why don't you let me tape record while I am on the phone with one of your representatives and then we will see what kind of scam artist that you really are. Also you owe me money so where is it and don't say that you don't because I am even taken your company to the Better Business Bureau and your company refuses to acknowledge the complaints. Bottom Line David Give Me My Money Back! Also what in the heck are you talking about this is not the first time that you have taken advantage of a good service. HMM something is fishy here. I have recently put my name through another company claiming to be a talent agency too. Now how would you know that with just my name? HMM! Seems like you are using two different companies names. Now how about my money back! Scam artist!

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  • Da
    David Jan 15, 2009

    While you are checking Explore Talent on the BBB, why don't you also check out Ralph's Supermarket or Trader Joes. Ralph's has a "D" and Trader Joes has an "F". You see, any organization that has millions of customers certainly will have some complaints. What is important is how the company deals with the complaints. Explore Talent has answered all complaints and most often finds excellent solutions to achieve customer satisfaction. Believe it or not, Explore Talent competitors even make false complaints to try to hurt the company. This company does everything to support its members and this is the reason for its growth and the reason it is the largest audition submission service in the US. Again, please do not hesitate to call.

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  • Da
    David Jan 15, 2009

    Orlena, you are not being truthful about your experience and this is not the first time you have tried to take advantage of a good service. You are well aware that Explore Talent gives thousands of talented individuals a free profile page with unlimited photo uploads and video uploads. Free members also use the Resume Builder and other tools. Each and every talent that is a free member of Explore Talent gets exposure they otherwise wouldn't. There are thousands of auditions listed and Explore Talent is doing more and more each and every day.

    I have tried to be open and honest about the service. If you would like to discuss your concerns, you should call. If you would like, you can even ask for David.

    The company provides value and just because Explore Talent encourages talents to upgrade to paid subscription, it doesn't make it a scam. Your accusations are ridiculous and not true. I urge you to call and discuss your situation. And, of course, your complaint will be answered. Good Luck

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  • Or
    Orlena Jan 15, 2009

    I figured as much! David is an employee with Explore Talent. Everyone do not listen to him. I recently have been receiving emails, text messages, and phone calls still from this company. They have recently claimed that they have an audition for me but when I ask where, they hang up the phone-when I call them back they give me the run around. I also have not sent them a photo of myself so why are they giving me auditions? Everyone don't be stupid like I was. Don't give any money to these cheats. They are a scam. If no one believes this then they can search the Better Business Bureau in which I have turned Explore Talent in. Explore Talent has not responded to the Better Business Bureau and they even have a Giant F on their record please don't be scammed.

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  • Da
    David Jan 02, 2009


    Your concerns are very important to Explore Talent. While Explore Talent does encourage upgrading to Pro Membership which has subscription fees, we offer a free account which you probably originally signed up for. Free members get a free personal profile page and can upload photos and videos at no cost. Free members can build a really nice page designed for the entertainment industry and use if for networking and exposure. All member pages are listed in Google so you can be found.

    Certainly when you upgraded your membership you knew you were changing from your free account to a Pro Membership. This allows you to submit for the auditions and audition for work.

    Explore Talent Customer Service is always available to walk you through using the web site and making the most of your membership. As a Pro Member, there are many tools that can really help you in your career.

    The Toll Free number on the front page of the site (upper right) will get you to customer service. They will gladly assist you.

    I hope you take advantage of the many benefits of membership. There was, after all, a reason you opened your free account. You must be interested in performing. Good luck going on auditions and good luck with your career.

    Please call Explore Talent if you have any questions.

    -5 Votes
  • Or
    Orlena Dec 30, 2008

    I agree with the complaint about Explore Talent. I was told by Explore Talent that I was going to get acting jobs. They took $119.64 out of my bank account in which they were not supposed to take anything out of my account. They told me that everything was going to be for free. They withdrew all of my money out of my account and went over $49.00 which I have over $200.00 in fees from the bank and I am going to lose my account now because this is not the first time that Explore Talent has done this. On top of that I am not getting anything from this company. I am not going to give them my photo because I know that they are scamming just like they did to the person above in their complaint. I have tried to log into the account and every time I can not log in. Every time I try to log in they want more money out of me. So now I am out of money and getting nothing for it. I have taken them to the Better Business Bureau but Explore Talent has not responded to them. Don't give them your account number no matter what! You will not get your money back and you will lose everything because of it.

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  • Da
    David Dec 09, 2008

    Why do you feel you have the right to make this kind of complaint? It's like you just wanted to express yourself to anyone that might listen. There is nothing to this complaint. You wanted to work, you saw the auditions, you upgraded your account, you went on an audition, you got work.

    You don't think Explore Talent should charge for the information it provides it's pro members? Then why don't you hire 60 people to put the information together and not charge for it?

    If you know anything about these auditions, then you know the time it takes to get the information. Why don't you use your membership to the fullest?

    Start networking and advertising your profile on Explore Talent (which can be found on Google as well). Why don't you check available auditions every day and submit, submit, submit? Why don't you create video clips and upload them. Explore Talent gives you UNLIMITED uploads and free hosting of your page. You know that!

    I really don't see the problem you have. You just wasted space to ramble. If you want auditions, then Explore Talent is the place to get them.

    I hope you take advantage of all that Explore Talent offers you.

    -8 Votes

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