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casting entertainment

When I signed up with Explore Talent, 6 years ago, I used my credit card to make monthly payments. When I went to change my credit card info, I could not find this option anywhere on ET's website. They lock you out, the only way it seems to get rid of that credit card is wait until it expires.

They take your money, even when I contacted support to cancel. Finally I came up with an idea with my bank to correct this situation so ET can not charge me anymore. Also, this a scam. I didn't sign up to make friends or except people's friendship requests, I have Facebook for that. How utterly unprofessional and most of the accounts are fake. Don't get suckered into these online services. SCAM.

Don't pay for auditions!!

I have never used their services. But I know what exactly they do.
My daughter wanted to attend one of those auditions and found this website.
They asked her to pay to be included in the participants' list.
Too bad her mom is an ex-singer and knows all of this process inside.
I stopped attending auditions one-two years ago and still remember and I'm absolutely sure that they are always free, nobody pays for that. If you give the money, it doesn't guarantee absolutely anything. And if the line in front of the door is too long, the agency won't provide you a better place. They do nothing.
So don't spend your money.

please stay away from exploretalent!!

People, do no fell for this scam, ExploreTalent is fake agency and all the information on their site is also fake. I also want to say that positive reviews are fake and probably written by someone from ExploreTalent.
They will tell you have received a role in latest movie and they will promise you will be working with Hollywood celebrity actors. These people are real professionals and no matter what they'll say they will make you believe them.
After they inform you that you were the chosen one they will ask you to pay a participation fee. And they will not forget to mention your bright future.
But as soon as you pay they will inform you that something went wrong and promise you a refund and that's it - the end. People who are operating this ExploreTalent are real professional scammers, they are well trained and know all about manipulating.
People, do you really think that it's so easy to get a role, by just joining some kind of shady site?
Please stay away from ExploreTalent!!

exploretalent is fake!

When I found ExploreTalent I was extremely happy and decided to give it a try. Too bad I did not check the reviews because now I regret that I wasted my precious time on this scam! I bet that most of the positive reviews are fake and people who wrote them got paid or something.
I made a profile on ExploreTalent website and few weeks later received a call from someone (I guess their agent) and was told that they really liked my profile and that they had a role for me in a latest Marvel movie! Can you imagine how happy I was? I already imagined myself on the red carpet and my bright future. I told them that I'm ready and they said that they'll call me back later.
Several days passed and I finally got another call and they said that I have to pay $200 and the role will be mine. Well, that moment I though that $200 is nothing if it means that I'll become a movie star, so I paid.
Tree days later they said that I need to pay some extra money and I paid $300. Then they told that I have to pay additional $700 and will get my role. Are you kidding me? I've already paid $500 and they asked for more! I refused and asked for a refund and they said they'll give my money back, but that never happened! These people scammed and fooled me, they stole my money and they will steal from you too! You know it's not that easy to get a role, so this whole thing is just a scam! Avoid at all costs!

This site is dangerous and full with scammers!

I had a terrible experience with ExploreTalent! I signed up because I've always dreamed of becoming an actress. Later I was contacted by a man who said that he found me on ExploreTalent and that I was just perfect and he offered me a role! I was so excited and thought that my dream finally came true.
So I was in contact with that man and he explained me the details. First he asked me to send him more photos which I did. But later he said that movie agency told that they need some of my bikini photos and later he said that I also need to send him some pics with me naked!
How foolish I was that I believed him! The whole thing was a scam from the very beginning and I really believe that was a real offer!
This site is dangerous and full with scammers! Don't join ExploreTalent, not a safe site!

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Complaining the Detractors

Just a tip of advice, when it comes to company's legibility, the most reliable source of information is the Better Business Bureau. Go to: www.bbb.org - and then type-in the certain company's name if it's legit or not. When you see it there that it is accredited with BBB then that only means that it's legit. DO NOT JUST LISTEN OR BELIEVE TO SOME OF THOSE AUTOMATED MESSAGES BECAUSE SOME OF THOSE ARE JUST DETRACTORS FROM OTHER CASTING COMPANY ASWELL. It is still a business after all. I hope this will help you guys.

  • Di
    display name1234 Feb 16, 2017

    The Better Business Bureau is not an actual accredited organization. Its a "pay to play" accreditation that does not mean much. Yes, people can use the organization to lodge complaints but there is no due diligence taken by BBB to validate complaints OR POSITIVE REVIEWS. Don't believe me? Google it. Dont let yourself get scammed by snake oil salesman.

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Too good to be true

I joined ExploreTalent and finally received a call from them! The person told me that the new Transformers director wanted me for a role! I was so excited and agreed. Then she said that I have to pay some money and only after that I will get my role. What? This website is definitely a scam, don't believe them and don't give them your money, it is not that simple to become an actor.

Don't waste your time

I joined this website, because I always dreamed to become a movie star and I thought this site will give an opportunity to become one. I searched throught the site and foud an interesting job, so I tried to apply for some awesome roles. But they said I had to pay $500 to submit the application or I need to buy a vip membership. I am sorry but I work for a minimum sallary job and cant pay that. I joined this site because I wanted to find a better job! I really hate when someone tries to get money from people who are trying to make their dreams come true. If your rich then go for it, but if your someone like me don’t waste your time. If someone really wanted to help you and wanted you for the role things would be different. ExploreTalent wants only your money!

Scam Waste of Time

im against exploretalent. There was a child predator on their and young girls were falling victim to him and i called and told them and they said we do not interfere with are talents. Later i was bullied by a fifty something woman and she reported me and i woke up to see my page and hard work gone. Waste of time. I was trying to be a good person and in this business theirs anough bullying and hate to go around that you have to put up with, without it being where im trying to get help. Quite honestly the traditional meet an agent in person is the only 100% way to get better life long results. Explore talent operates on time for money. If you think about it look honestly at the talent on there you can tell that anyone can be on their, meaning anyone and everyone will be given " casting oppurtunities", not because they have an actual chance but to keep you on there website. They had nothing against me to take down a 15 year olds profile because a fifty year old woman became intimidated by a younger girl because how quick i recieved votes in there little contests and stuff, and oppurtunities. Total crap i could have been spending my time hanging out with friends like people my age should but no i wanted to better my career but thankyou explore talent for all the awesome things you have to offer, whatever. Ok someone not right for a part and not talented can be "submitted" to a transformer audition, Now lets think dont you think that for such big auditions they already have in mind people already famous for the parts. Big movies get big actors, to make Big money because when you see you favorite actor in a movie you want to see it. Explore talent is glorified craigslist. At least craiglist knows theirs few morals but exploretalent likes to put out that their the most respected online talent site. RESPECTED SCAM.. Also if paying a company for your talent is seen as the number one sign of a Scam what makes you think that sign is different online... i apoligise for spelling and grammatical errors my keyboard isnt working correctly sorry. I do understand i should have looked into them better and ive payed my consequences and learned a valuable lesson.

This website is a scam and complete bs

This site emailed me crap about castings that were a million miles away and I never got anything because I could never make auditions. Then when I wanted to cancel the day I got the recurring charge, they wouldn't give me my money back for the service I DID NOT INCUR. This website is a scam and complete bs. With that being said, I encourage everyone who has had a bad experience with them, to respond with your own terrible story of this so I can gather a portfolio, thank you.

Avoid dealing with this ppl

My 17 year old daughter and her best friend fell victims to these internet sewer rats. My daughter goes to school full-time and works part-time as a clerk in a department store to support her modeling and acting dreams. She does volunteer work at an animal shelter on the weekends reads to the elderly twice a week. The funds illegally extracted from her bank account amounted to almost a week's salary. When she tried call she got the proverbial runaround and eventually was hung up on. 'Like taking candy from a baby', huh guys? Bet you got a nice yuk out of that one. It is not only the money but also the gross violation of a kid's sense of trust and decency. These are predators that will rape the dreams of young hopeful talent. The only thing lower is a pedophile. They steal call sheets from other sources, list outdated casting calls, or just post their own phony auditions that they write up themselves. Explore Talent.com is by far the sleaziest and most disgusting talent scams operating on the internet. They lie, they cheat, and are constantly breaking the law by double and triple invoicing members. It is just a matter of time before the authorities catch up with them Being a journalist it didn't take much digging to find out who these insects are. The company is owned by Ami Shafrir, an ex pimp and porno broker. He keeps Exploitation-Talent in the name of one of his employees we found out. The coward hides behind other people because there are so many judgments against him. They are located at 4312 Woodman Avenue Suite 301 in Sherman Oaks, California. One of the major network news shows has them under investigation along with other intrnet modeling scams. Mr. Shafrir owns hundreds of websites between here and China all steering traffic toward Explore Talent.com. This, by the way, is against the policies of Youtube. They have been branding and posting phony endorsements by celebrities. I was told by a someone who attended one of these events that these Celebs had no idea they were endorsing a commercial. These clever thieves used the 'old bait and switch.' The unknowing celebrities were smooth-talked by a sweet hostess 'can you give a little advice to our young members out there?' Then asked to give 'a shout-out' to Explore Talent. Essentially getting them to say the name of the company. The clips were then cut to make it look like an endorsement. I will personally send this blog link to each and everyone of those celebrity's managers, agents and publicists. Some of who I work with on a regular basis. THE SALES PITCH IS A LIE FROM BEGINNING TO END. If someone calls you hang-up the phone before they can even get out the word talent!! THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A BOILER ROOM filled with desperate young sales people trying to get money out of your pocket. http://www.exploretalent.com/model_page.php?talentnum=661702 Even their own employees are not safe from their vicious tactics They make agreements then decide to 'change the terms after the job is done', I was told by a young model-actress . They indiscriminately steal clips from other websites and upload them to their own. Are you listening Youtube? Shame on you Explore Talent . Something must be done! Folks, these people are nothing but lowlife cowards hiding behind aliases and lies. These are ruthless cyber -scorpions ripping off easy prey, the young and the vulnerable. I'm not done with you Explore-Talent.com THAT IS A PROMISE I INTEND TO KEEP!!!


I saw my photos and my personal infos on your website. I don't know who nor why put it on your website URL:
www.exploretalent.com/joannabochen1, Talent Number:
1633679 but I want You to delete it immediately!
I don't want my photos and private informations available to anybody!
I hope it's clear!!!
Joanna Bochen

Scammed me for $350

Exploretalent.com is full of LIES and SCAMS! ! ! !
I'm a victim of their "7 day free trial", , , These ### are not good enough to find you any kind of acting/model job!! All they do is to take your money.
I've been asking for a refund and they said that they would refund it which was 3 month ago.
Now they are not answering my calls, ignoring my emails... plus all the sarcasm they will say to your face looking at your picture.
Do not waste your time and hard earned money with these Scammers.
If you are ever considering to try this bogus site, Simply google the company name "exploretalent.com".
Avoid at all cost...

  • Sa
    sarit sarah Mar 04, 2012

    Ami Shafrir and Ben Navon prey on people, through Explore Talent constantly. They steal peoples money. I worked for them, and can testify about their ongoing frauds.

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  • Sa
    sarit sarah Mar 04, 2012

    ami shafrir and ben navon are thieves. Worked with them before, and they are ###

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Explore Talent is a scam! I was pressured into giving these scammers almost 200 dollars for a year because...

txting when asked to stop & they wont

I get txted saying that they want me to work or some thing i have got these txt's months and i keep...


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