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601 Experian Pkwy
Allen, TX [protected]

Apparently, I want to find a lawyer who specializes in dealing with or knows the
law about Credit Terrorism. I submit my complaint that Experian has commited
an act of Credit Terrorism! The Credit Terrorism is mainly the factual based
evidence that the Experian Company refuses to provide live telephone support,
and totally automated machines that make deliberate errors to people's credit
report! People's lives are TERRORIZED by Experian and other Reporting Agencies
like them, who do not provide adequate security to the Credit Report in question. I feel terrorized by Experian and the constant complaining and no
live representative who can assist the issues, must be sued! I ask anyone who
is a lawyer or knows of a lawyer to file charges of Credit Terrorism, and file
lawsuits against Experian! Before it is too late!! Is there a way to go to Allen, TX
and protest this, get the media involved!? Let put this on CNN or Fox News!
I propose that Experian does not care about people's lives or well being, but is
just collecting information to terrorize the people they claim they protect! I
urge all credit conscience people to please consult an attorney and file papers
on Credit Terrorism charges against Experian!


  • Je
    Jerry428 Mar 11, 2013
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    Verified customer

    Never authorized this company to charge me 19.99 a month. Trying to get it stopped and refunded.

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  • Ma
    mad granna Feb 21, 2013

    I wish I had read these complaints before I ordered a report from these guys! Granted I didn't read the small print so I deserved THE 31.95 fee Plus $1.00 that is highlighted, but LIVE rep told me that the new charge of 17.95 wouldn't be removed even though this charge just hit my bank account. All of these charges since Feb. 8 2013. I ask you, is this GOOD or LAWFUL BUSINESS? I too think we should band together and sue, but since we are the little guy, complain to our elected officials, this is small enough issue they could probably get something done. And I'm going to send e-mail to our Tea Party chain to get it out there. And to you information guy, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest themselves thoughout your body!!!

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  • Ir
    irishmantx Jun 30, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I like to find other folks who feel the same way, to file a mutli-district lawsuit. But, that's OK. All of this 'freedom' is a scam anyways. Nice to be rich to have my own legal team big and bad @$$ enough to scare Experian into submission. But I digress, that won't happen. This is the United Corporation States of America! :) We little people are slaves!

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  • St
    stupid- Jun 04, 2012

    If you have $10, 000 retainer we know a pit bull lawyer with aids that will take your case. If you looking for free services get lost.

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  • Ir
    irishmantx Apr 05, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I'm not scared of attorneys, I just want to find an attorney NOT SCARED of Experian, and feels, I have a case against them, because despite their lame excuse and bad treatment of me, what attorney in his/her right mind, would want to take on Experian when they failed to do their job, in verifying the S.S.N. and then a $235, 000.00 Federal Tax Lien shows on MY credit report when another Michael D. Lucas of Brazoria county don't have to pay a dime!? When the I.R.S. / Internal Revenue Service tried to talk to Experian even the IRS field agent in Austin is treated like dirt, so the agent told me. I just feel if someone is going through the same thing as I am, to let me know how they handled the issue, if they found an attorney? The issue kept getting worse and worse, till I had to contact the Hamilton County Sheriff's department, and the Sheriff's Dept told me, Experian said it was "Credit Confusion" if there are those suffering bad credit scores and or junk on their report, could be denied a loan for a house, newer vehicles, ability to refinance on existing loans and home mortgages, promotion on their existing job or trying to get a job!! I just feel discriminated against, and targeted, since the issue apparently is not resolved. It looks like a lot of lawyers are scared of Experian since I can't seem to find an attorney, and don't know where to start or who to contact? Then I PRAY TO The G-d of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, everyone at Experian goes through exactly what I go through! May those who draw a check at Experian who don't care about me, and those they serve go through $233, 000.00 Federal Tax Liens, and dispute errors on their credit report, and be "Credit Confused" like I am!

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  • Ir
    irishmantx Mar 27, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, someone at Experian screwed up again!! The 'other' M. Lucas in Angleton, TX in Brazoria county listed an address that IS NOT on my credit report. Protect My ID sucks,
    but, I think I'll switch to LifeLock! But It appears, Experian is a bunch of losers who can't
    even verify with the social security number, and did what they did in the past, screwed up putting another M. Lucas's debt, and issues on MY name only. It appears, Experian is so behind the times, they can't check, verify and even contact me, by phone that this address came up! It SHOULD NOT HAVE Happened? Is Experian so reluctant to verify? I wonder if I screwed with everyone's credit report at Experian how mad they would be!! But that's OK, Screw the poor person!

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  • Ro
    robert lunski Nov 05, 2011

    my dredit card was charged for the same service 11 times

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  • Ho
    hollyworth Jul 21, 2011

    Experian keeps charging our checking account even though I've asked them to stop!

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  • Ph
    phung dang May 06, 2011

    they reported 5 student loan are not belong to me

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  • Ir
    irishmantx Apr 01, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Dear simmonsa,

    Thank you for the comment! It appears, Experian, and other credit reporting groups, are
    running amok without accountability, or concern for the voters identity safety. There is
    another Michael D. Lucas in Brazoria county, who is married and has incurred debt which
    wound up on my credit report. After the new sheriff of Hamilton county looked into the issue of "credit confusion" nothing more was done, and some of the deputies empathized
    with me, that even they are victims of this "credit confusion". That's really sad, when law
    enforcement even the deputy sheriff's and local police, are victims of this unaccountable,
    and also very amokish operation that we as tax payers, and voters have little to no say
    unless we can get some lawyers to file class action lawsuits against these abusive, and
    unaccountable agencies that destroy the American Dream as we know it! But since I'm
    37, and due to F.U.B.A.R. after F.U.B.A.R. on my credit report, I am glad I have no wife
    or children. It appears, our nation does not want the common person to be happy, but be
    slaves to the machine. I feel President Obama, the Democratic Party, and the G.O.P. do
    not care about voters only at election time. If these credit agencies that rate our own
    credit worthiness is unaccountable of its own actions, then, things look very bleak to me
    and I fail to see any positive in this situation. I don't have big name lawyers, or big name
    friends to call upon to 'fix' this issue. But if 2012, or the Transformers have any say, if
    it arrives, and mysterious robots from Cybertron come to bring their war here, then I'd
    say screw it, looks like my future looks grim, I truly don't understand who to turn to, who
    love, who will be the mother of my children, and of course who will take care of them, and
    their credit score. Looks like my livelihood, my hopes of a nice house, and improvement
    in social class is but a FART in the wind... since I truly don't understand all these glass
    roof's and idiots we trust our credit lives with... I truly wish, I understand how to fight
    back without getting in serious trouble, and make my point across to those who are
    proving themselves to be total ###s who don't care about other people but themselves.
    And all this time, I thought I had attention deficit hyperactive disorder! LOL I thought I
    was a narcissistic idiot! Perhaps I should kiss someone's butt and work for Experian, or
    Trans Union, or Equifax! LOL *SIGH* I really love to find a mother for my children, and
    start a family, and work my way up the ladder, but I find it beyond my grasp, I'll never
    own a home, or land, or do anything but be a loner, who winds up meeting married
    women, hoping the husband will let me take her out to dinner.. lol nah... Hey if she sends
    her husband.. "uhm.. sir... my wife told me to tell you she likes you alot, and want you
    to be with us for dinner at any place you want... the only chance, come with us to a key
    party, swing party or threesome!" LOL like that will ever happen! Oh well...

    Baruch Atah Adonai, Elohenu Melech Ha'Olam Dayan Ha'Emet! "Blessed Are You, L-rd
    our G-d, The True Judge!"

    Only Hashem can help me understand why I am going through this. Until then, it looks
    as though, I'll be a lonely, poor guy with a couple of cats to spoil. :)
    Chag Sameach Yom Tov Pesach! :)

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  • Si
    simmonsa Mar 31, 2010

    Wait until Experian changes your name on your credit file because they have been researching the court records, hospital records, passport records and lawyer depositions filed in the courthouse and refuse to give your credit file to you...yet a collection agency can get your file..unauthorized from TransUnion, LLC when you have no account in collection anywhere in the world.

    Creditors wer ewarned about this name change, using my middle name instead of my middle initial as shown on all creditors records and credit cards. Now, Experian wants me to verify and identify myself again...did so in 2007...someone is scamming us and someone iselling all of our valid information with a fraud alert as well as a security freze...selective and/or incompetence...who will ever know the answer.

    Glad that I am over the age of 70 and they can't terrorize me much longer on this earth.

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  • Ir
    irishmantx Mar 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Who are You Information guy? Are you aware, that Experian did indeed, confused my name to another
    guy with the same name? I got slapped with a 232, 313 Federal Tax Lien, and after I called the IRS they
    showed I didn't have the Lien, when I called Brazoria county, they routed me to the IRS.. Turns out that
    Experian REFUSES and DOES NOT Verify Social Security Number for Information and confirmation of
    debts that apply to each account ect. So if you have a debt, and someone with the same name as yours
    runs up a far worse situation, and Experian throws that in your account and not the other person, then
    that is negligent action. Experian has "CONFUSED" and "TERRORIZED" my credit score with another
    person of the same name. Without the Social Security Number verification, I keep getting calls and bad
    score ratings on my credit report, while another person gets to have it all. I don't have a wife, or a house
    of my own. I'm 37 years old, living with my aging elderly parents. I realize, after all the hell I been
    through, I lost faith in Barack Obama, Democrats, Republicans, and the Federal Government. Our own
    government has sold the tax payers a ton of crap trash, the Republicans screwed up our nation, the way
    things are going, we might as well wait for 2012 to watch a huge chunk of asteroid in the sky and blow
    our existence as we know it to smitherenes! I doubt seriously, I'll get my credit score back up to snuff,
    and with a repossession on my credit score, my life, my livelihood my ability own a home, and nice
    furniture is gone, I'm better off dead, I'm depressed and stressed out things are going worse and worse,
    while our government is ruled by the British, and the super rich who don't care! It's hopeless, I don't
    see any way out... :( Is there a God to hear from the poor person?

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  • In
    Information Guy Sep 29, 2009

    For one, the Experian division your upset with isn't in Allen, Tx.

    Number 2, what is the problem and why can't the automated system fix it thru their dispute process. They don't have live support because people become beligerant and nothing would get solved anyway. The correspondence must be in writing to be legal.

    Explain the problem and maybe I can point your in the right direction.

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  • Ve
    VegasDealer Jul 25, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Read the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If they violated any parts of that then sue them. You can do this in Small Claims court..NO LAWYERS NEEDED.

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  • Ir
    irishmantx Jul 25, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I am losing faith in the system, and I am ashamed of the United States of America
    for letting Experian get away with terrorist actions against its citizens by some
    terrorist cell group. I don't know what to do... I feel so terrorized... Can Obama help?

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  • Ir
    irishmantx Jul 25, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&view=text&hl=en&gl=us&q=experian+allen+texas+address&ie=UTF8&sll=33.099536, -96.677046&sspn=0.029935, 0.009640&latlng=[protected]&ei=64JqSuLLKJ3G8gTU9f3jBA&cd=1&usq=experian


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