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EveryContractor.comabsolute fraud

Wow!.. Where to begin on this barrel of ya-hoos..? I was contacted by these annoying, scamming fools in june of 2007. Their persistent and borderline harassing calling method alone would drive you insane. I remember that throughout the courtship, the fee started at $3000 for the year, but a huge red flag should have gone up when, after a long battle of attrition on both sides, they settled for $900. Two leads, right away over the phone! One was a job that was several months completed, about 80 miles away, and the poor guy on the other end of the phone sounded beaten by people from all over creation calling him on a job that was already done. The other "prequalified lead" was a couple in hingham, ma., who were simply looking for ideas and possibilities on what they could do to get more space in their house. (good old fashioned tire-kickers). They needed a designer/ architect, not a contractor! So, let's do the math. $450 per "lead".

I am not one to take things lying down. I was mad! They said, "hey, don't worry about it! We got tons of leads!" they said to fill out the online profile and the leads will just flow like a river! It's funny how you realize things later, because they said they would actually make a temporary profile for me, and that when I get home, i'll see all the leads in my mailbox. You all guessed it, not one lead... For anything! Not one window job, not one roof, not even an email. I checked my "profile" religiously. It seemed to be like some sort of placebo page, where I could see my name and a webpage, but every day was like, gee-wizz! Nothing today! So I complained. Of coarse it was my fault. I'm supposed to update and clarify my profile every week. What a total fraud!


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    John Fitzpatrick Feb 23, 2010

    I was adamant about a refund and got some guy, whose remedy to all this was for me to buy into some kind of "elite" something or other. got my name on a web page, Google priority, yada, yada...As soon as i heard this guy up-selling, I knew it was a total fraud. Of coarse my$900 would go toward my new $5000 elite class membership. But to show good faith, I was gonna get it for $3500. I contacted my Attorney General, but they do not get involved in business to business fraud In Massachusetts. Needless to say, I got taken for $900.

    You know, as contractors and/or carpenters, we work hard for our money. We trust and believe other people respect that and will give us a fair shake. I have kids to feed. My arms are sore and my hands hurt. I'm proud to say it's from doing an honest days work.

    I've seen a few rebutt posts by guys who say they were happy with their service. I don't believe it for a second. No doubt in my mind its one of their salesmen posting a bogus blog.
    I have never experienced such a low-class of people as I did at NEVER.

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    7654321 Mar 14, 2010

    I was ripped off by this company for $4000. They owed me a refund but avoided me. I would appreciate info on where the owner lives. If he has kids or relatives living with him. Where his kids go to school as this will be a probable place to meet him. What car does he drive and what is the license plate #. I tried working with the authorities in Nevada and the BBB but they were all probably on the take. He ripped of his workers too. Time for accountability. [protected]

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