everpet puppy food with DHAThis food kills animals


My perfectly healthy dog was given this food to help supplement her while nursing a new litter of pups. She had a complete vet check after having her pups and was in tip top shape, within a week of starting this food into her diet she developed bloody stools, vomiting, severe weight loss and lethargy (HGE) from the poor quality of the ingredients in this food. We rushed her to the vet and she held on via IV's and meds under very aggressive care for 4 days, but ultimately passed from this. I am so angry and upset that this food is still on shelves after reading report after report from other dog owners who have dealt with the same issues. I want this food to be permantly removed from shelves.

This food kills animals


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    Th3 Wick3d Mus3 Jul 30, 2012

    It's really painful to hear about how different DGs don't accept coupons, because we try really hard to accommodate as many as we can. It drives sales. They were wrong to try and make you feel as if it was your fault and we absolutely do accept printed coupons so long as they meet all of our requirements.
    The only thing I feel I should mention is the $5/$25 coupon takes a little off of every item, and sometimes the system will not allow us to use a coupon on certain items that already have money taken off of them. A message will appear on the screen that says "Cannot use coupon on discounted item", and in those instances the only way to get the coupon to work is to void the transaction and use the coupon before the $5/$25. It's unfortunate because for the customers who get exactly $25 worth of stuff can no longer use the $5/$25, but it's the only way in this instance. Since you had over $25 anyway it would have worked for you, and if this comes up again and you have enough try using your other coupons prior to the $5/$25 and it should work.

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