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domain parking

This company has taken over my registered domains, without asking me if I wanted to move to them. They refuse to acknowledge all and any requests for a password so that I can log in and manage them, in fact they refuse to respond to any help request at all. They are stealing domains and not giving the owners the right or ability to manage them, or even keep them if they expire, because we can't (and I am not the only person with this complaint - check twitter for other irate consumers). In effect they are stealing domains. I want control over my own domains. I did not give permission for them to be moved from Bulk Register at any time.

web hosting services

Beware of enom shady way before doing business with them.
beside their gorging pricing, their web hosting service support is horrible.
if you ask me, in general service support is horrible.

everybody go home after 3-4pm, only phone calls from different out-sources are available to answer a few questions.

Now a day, with advance technology, web hosting service is a 24/7 around the clock monitoring, well enom would not help you with their hosting servers critical issues during the weekend.
All they do is escalating phone calls for a few technical Q&As over the weekend, but no one is available to troubleshooting a critical problem that needs immediate solution.

I've just passed my whole weekend waiting to get access/login to my account control panel, now it's monday after 9pm, they still have not resolved the problem.
Just a freaking control panel to manage the whole hosting account service, no one hasn't fixed it.
This is freaking scary, now my customers are waiting for and getting upset because of enom shady hosting service.

Now I'm planning to move away from them.

domain name management

I needed to update the DNS and transfer out.
I registered through Google and was directed to eNom.
I sent a support email for assistance.
14 days later, I finally got feedback:
They pointed me to a URL where I could change the DNS and then pointed me to a separate URL about how to get the EPP code (which was: email us with "XXX information")
So I replied with the information required to obtain the EPP code .
another 14 days later I got an email back from them stating: "We've changed how we do this - go to this URL"

My god! I am absolutely disgusted - 1 month later for a 5 minute request and I am no further advanced than I was 30 days ago!

eNom and Google are an absolute joke.

Scam emails

Can you remove my email address which is [protected] now. Sick and tired of receiving scam email...

Go mobi mobile website.

After 7 days (and 8 months of this credit card issue on your end)

.customer says my site is in "grace period" and down, a constant problem for 8 months.

.loss of wealth on the weekend peak period (many months of this)

.loss of reputation long term

have already talked to investor relations in seattle and uk in the past

"jeff" on the phone just now (sunday night) said there's nothing he can do and that after 7 days "the developers are working on it, " the standard line from your phone support. In other words, no support. The developers constantly "work on my site" from 7 - 21 days a month and I have to endure it being down, losing advertising money and income.

It does not take a team of developers on any other hosting to map a subdomain and get my site up, especially when it is you guys responsibility in the first place because the automatic payment credit card problem that keeps happening on your end. The last support person on this ticket said it was fixed but then july 31 the problem started again.

Now credit card problem is not fixed (8 months)

"grace period" site down problem is not fixed (constant problem for 8 months and now has been 1 week with "developers" even after I call customer service.

Jeff at customer service did not give a heck. Let's see what's next.

Go mobi mobile website.
Go mobi mobile website.
Go mobi mobile website.

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    NoelaniR Aug 07, 2016

    They have low level of service for a whole year, after businesses have built a reputation on them for years. Site down problems all the time.

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Domain Registration

(ENOM) They took my money and than change my user account password, I contact their support from another email and after multiple email correspondence they do not deliver the product nor the refund. They are robbing customer's account and personal info. Once they get your payment they block your account and than RICH from their so called fake risk management department keeps saying provide the documents for verification. I provide him all the documents (ID Copy, Credit Card front and back pic, Plus the account statement of my card) after receiving these documents he says they are Photoshop, I ask him to confirm these documents with my bank as my bank verified same documents and I also ask him to do a video call for verification but he never replied me again. They hack my ENOM user account and I can't access it now after making payment, Nor they are giving me any refund. If possible please help ! I only need a refund and secure my documents which they have ! No more business with them.

domain registration

I was in the process of registering a domain name. I searched for availability and it was available. Here I am in the process of registering it with GoDaddy, I got a phone call from my child's school that my son was sick. I had to go pick him up. I closed the browser without completing the registration process. After getting back from the doctor's office and with my son resting, I decided to complete the registration process. Well, I searched and this time, it said it was registered. Seriously? I checked the whois and guess what it was enom. This is ridiculous. Checking the date, it was the same date that I attempted to register mine. On searching for this company, I came across this site with complaints about them. All I can say is shame to you enom for your shady business practice. I am going to report you to the FTC or blog about you guys.

Phishing email for scam/fraud... received today, 28 Oct 2015

Today, I received this email saying that my website is "suspended". Of course, it asks me to click on a link. I did NOT click on the link, but instead have sent it to you. What can you do about this? I am an American, currently living in Australia. The phone number, naturally, is American. Probably also fake. Very disturbing for people who depend on their websites for business. And sickening. Thank you, Joanne West Cornish PS... I have listed the category as Scam and Fake Checks, but didn't seen a really appropriate one for this sort of thing. Dear Sir/Madam, The following domain names have been suspended for violation of the ENOM, INC. Abuse Policy: Domain Name: JOANNEWESTDESIGN.COM Registrar: ENOM, INC. Registrant Name: JOANNE WEST CORNISH Multiple warnings were sent by ENOM, INC. Spam and Abuse Department to give you an opportunity to address the complaints we have received. We did not receive a reply from you to these email warnings so we then attempted to contact you via telephone. We had no choice but to suspend your domain name when you did not respond to our attempts to contact you. Click here and download a copy of complaints we have received. Please contact us for additional information regarding this notification. Sincerely, ENOM, INC. Spam and Abuse Department Abuse Department Hotline: [protected]

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    Nora Kramer-Lester Oct 30, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Joanne, there's not much you CAN do about it. It is just classic email phishing for information. They happen every day to millions of people. Delete and ignore. This has nothing to do with ENOM, as it is just a scammer using their company name. The same emails are being circulated with GoDaddy (to their customers) and Network Solutions (to their customers). All of your domain information is publically available, they are just using these databases to send out tons and tons of emails like what you go, in the hopes that some uninformed soul will actually give up their information, which, sadly, some will, I'm sure. More info here >>>

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Customer Service

This company has the worst customer service of any place I've ever experienced. Their phone support people are truly the bottom of the barrel humans who likely can't find jobs anywhere else.

They are rude, hostile, lazy and incapable of helping.

I called to request simple information about my transfer request, and the rude man on the phone refused to answer any of my questions. He repeated the same tidbit over and over "Transfers take 7 days" is all he would say. I think he may not have been smart enough to actually answer my questions, and when I asked to speak with a manager he hung up on me.

These people are truly the ### of the earth. DONT SIGN UP YOUR BUSINESS WITH THEM.

Domain Name Transfers

Enom failure to transfer domains with proper identification.
Not allowing payment of expired domains.

Friend of many years was a re-seller. Passed away suddenly. Elderly Widowed wife had no access to re-seller account email and was sent on a wild goose chase for documentation.

She managed to come up death certificate, marriage license and drivers license. Submitted to Enom and was denied! reason: "documents were not clear enough"

Documents were legible, but ended up sending a second time from attorney office via Fax and [protected]

Denied again. "we never received documents" send them to another email address...

It would appear that Enom is deliberately holding up customers wanting to transfer. Documents submitted the first time should have been good enough.

Good grounds for a class action lawsuit...

Registered illegal Domain

Hello, I am Wasif from Lucent Axis.. Axis Pharmacy Manager is the intellectual property of Lucent Axis. We...

Lack of transparency with pricing

enom changed over my account to BulkRegister with out my consent. When they made this change, they signed me up for a $99 service. The problem is that the e-mail notification said I was renewing a service I never signed up for, didn't disclose that I would be charged $99, said that failure to take action would lead to being billed, and gave incorrect directions for how to cancel this service.

This came on the heals of me having successfully disputed their automatic domain name renewals when I took no action, where they failed to disclose the cost of renewal and billed me $20 more than I originally paid per year.

  • Hk
    hkcayman Jul 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm strongly agree with you and I also experiencing very bad hosting service from enom. The worst technical support I've never met beofre and stupid answer in my I.T. life.

    I have client who applied web hosting service there but always experience connection time out and serious file premission problem all the time. We created ticket in their "help" session but problem can't be fixed for 6 months & even no work around whatever.

    I'm migrating my domain from this unacceptable service level company. I fonud China hosting companies are getting better, for me U.S. based company is the best but not now.

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Price Gouging

I want to start by saying I’m really disappointed with the way enom has performed this practice of price gouging. I switched over to enom because I heard that you were a reputable, upstanding company with excellent customer support. I’m sorry to say I was wrong.

I had a domain come up for renewal on February 22 ( I was sent a reminder about 45 days prior. On about January 21, my credit card was charged $34.95 for a one year renewal, when the renewal fee has always been $19.95. Here’s my complaint. I feel you have stolen this money by not informing me that your prices had gone up so drastically, allowing me to make the decision on whether I want to accept your pricing. Not only that, you didn’t even wait till the expiration date, but charged me a month in advance so I wouldn’t have time to decide.

When I complained to customer service, they informed me that they would be glad to refund my money, but in doing so, they would put my domain in redemption even though I had time left, and that would cost me $250 to get it back.

So here’s what you’ve stolen from me: you stole my ability to make a decision regarding your new pricing structure by not informing me in advance, you stole my remaining time before expiration to make a decision, you stole my money by charging me a month in advance of expiration, and you threatened to hold my domain hostage if I dared ask for a refund. I’m glad to say that my company would never treat our customers in this manner, otherwise we would have been out of business a long time ago.

I have since transferred the remaining 5 domains over to GoDaddy. I tried to disable the Registrar-Lock for, but you wouldn’t let me. It looks like it’s already been transferred over successfully, but I’d appreciate it if you unlock it anyway.

You can keep my $34.95, but I will be posting this with BBB and every forum I can find that you have a complaint on. The right thing for your company to have done was to send an email informing your customers of the price increase, allowing your customers to make their own decision. But if you’d have done that, I’m sure you would have lost a lot more business. By charging them a month in advance without informing them, you’d at least get one payment before they dropped you, or at least it would have slid by without them noticing it.

I hope this email at least gets to someone in charge and not just deleted. I feel this is a very serious offense.

  • Ju
    Justice Oct 03, 2010


    With reference to the above domain name (, this owner has been spamming all around people's inbox, causing lots of nuisance and spreading virus to others.

    Please help to eliminate or take serious actions against this owner.

    Your kind support would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  • Sa
    SammyStone Mar 26, 2015 is getting greedy. I also have bought a domain with much higher price only to find out later that it is a what they called a "premium" domain and I can't transfer to another registry. If I built a website on it, I'll be stuck with them and have to pay whatever price they ask in the future. This company is unethical.

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  • Ki
    Kirk Allen Apr 07, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Much worse for me. I am reporting to the better business borough. I bought my domain name from another web site building company, but really did not like their web bite building platform, so I went searching for another company and found a good one, in which I built a new site. This took a little time. When I was ready I was told by the old company that eNOM had control of my domain, and I could re-point it via them. I went on to do so, and logged in to eNOM and re-directed it. This was over 3 years ago. That was 3 years ago, 2015, when I MOVED the redirection, only knowing that that it when I found out eNOM had my domain. I didn't even see if they had hosting or not, because I already had one. In 2015 I received an email about needing to renew it and I did so on March 3st, at the regular price. I never even looked at the date. Once again, I got an email last month, and I went to renew it on the 31st, as I did last year, and also I got a call that the site was down from a friend. It was March 5th. I checked iCANN and Whois, and iCANN indicated it was "inactive" status, but NOT "Redemption". So I thought "phew" it was a little late, but within the grace period, and eNOM had covered me last year, so I logged into eNOM it sai it was in "redemption"? I was like "What????. I went to pay and they wanted $250 and exactly the same time as last year? It was exactly on the 5th day of what eNOM says is the grace policy, so I called support. A young lady named KALA answered my call and was thoroughly mean and abusive to me.. She affirmed that I would need $250 to renew it and that it would get worse if I let it go into auction. I'm like Auction??? When did that start? She went on to babble with all kinds of various option that eNOM may do, that I she couldn't say WHEN it would happen, but I had 30 days to decide, and it could be 42 to 60 days until the auction. I asked about this 30 day grace period, and she said sure, from the date of the registration, because I thought I was only 5 days late, as the previous year. She explained that my domain was registered on February 21st, not March March 31st. I was like, well why didn't you guys warn me via email LAST year? Why did you not care? I figured it must have died out, and no one wanted it, and I just purchased it again? What changed? So you mean a registrar can now buy the name themselves if it expires, and hold it over your head?? Historically this was never iCANNs purpose. I wonder if THEY are getting in on the action too? About an hour after the call I checked iCANN and Whois again and then sure enough said "REDEMPTION". So the young lady had it right there ready to change right after the call. They either didn't care last year, or something changed, and it did, but eNOM is taking advantage of people. I checked GoDaddy's policy, and they are much easier on people in all cases, and I could have gotten it out of Redemption (I hate those name in this case), but for $80. Another said $50. So iCANN just created a beats of a huge grey area, and obviously eNOM is making the best of it. So I guess my next question would be, can eNOM bid against me if I decide to go to Auction? If now, could an employee that has all of our information, also bid against me, away from work? So here's the deal. I am disabled. I took the long road home, but I will live. I live on disability, and the fact is that eNOM can do whatever they want, even let me have it at the regular cost or something a little more reasonable. I didn't bring up such things, because I am sure it doesn't matter. However, I am SURE, without a doubt, that no one else in the world wants the domain name, because no one else in the world has done what it is named after. And trust me, they can not do it. In the mean time I wasn't so stupid 3 years ago. I bought 2 other domains with the same name and .org. Either way, they won't care. They may even hang onto it. I will be watching though. I will be.

    Abused and broken hearted in Texas

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  • Ol
    OldUnhappyCustomer Nov 13, 2018

    Enom has made using them extremely labor intensive. When a client wants to move their domain you now must go through an all manual request / ticket system and keep pinging their staff to move the domain. I use to be able to create a new account and move the domain into myself. They've turned what was already a painful experience of losing a customer into a time sink where I must now micro manage Enom staff to do what use to be automated. They are slowly making me want to get out of the domain management business... and for no reason. Their management must be too far removed from reality as happens with all corporations over time.

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Shady practices

As you search for the availability of a domain name, they intercept the info somehow and register it timed...

Unscrupulous dealings

I refer you to the activities of
ENOM INC ([protected])
State location: WA
Business Address

1.Mikel Marcus Elasmo, has been working solidly for 6 years approx 12
hours per day developing an online enterprise.
2.This enterprise included the purchase and management of domains for
clients and for personal internet deployment and development.
3.Enom Failed in its duty of care in capacity as domain registrar.
4.Enom Inc. caused the loss of domains which had been in the possession of
Mikel Marcus Elasmo.
5.Enom Inc. had No authority to charge Mikel Marcus Elasmo's pre paid visa
6.Enom Inc. without authority created acharge for a domain name
which at the time was registered Adams Names the registrar for .tc
doimains, and not with Enom inc.
7.Bopo pre-paid visa Cards – Australia, identified the charge as
unauthorised and charged back on enom Inc.
8. Elasmo at no time had any knowledge of the charge or the charge back as
it did not appear on statements issued by Bopo, nor did eith Enom inc. or
Bopo Cards australia advise elasmo.
9.Enom inc. insisted Mikel Marcus Elasmo pay them the fees visa charged
them for their fraud else the domains would be in peril
10.Mikel Marcus Elasmo refused to the comply to this threat and the
account was frozen
11.Enom inc. admitted their error and unsuspended the account after 3 months
12.The account “elasmo” was unusable as it had a permanent error “No
values returned from server”.
13.EnomInc. Refused to rectify the error and no account / domain
management was able to be done
14.Enom inc. allowed a number of domains to expire during the dispute period.
15.Enom Inc were approached and asked to rectify the account.
16.Enom Inc. cancelled the account stating grounds of likely charge backs.
17.Enom inc. have caused grief and losses due to their fraud and.
unjustified punative behavior.

Mikel Marcus Elasmo

Domains affected by enom inc and their reckless action

complete list of domains

  • Gb
    G Bernkopf Jan 29, 2009

    ENOM, INC. are partly in the business of defrauding clients!
    FBI and the US Attorney in Seattle should act appropriately.

    G Bernkopf
    Security Consultant
    London, England

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  • Sa
    Sathishdesign001 Nov 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    " Cloud Hosting ? It seems like everyone is talking about the wonder of cloud hosting. hosting provider Introduced Cloud Hosting. great service and support.It is very happy to work with such a strong proponent like now my site is working clearly. "

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  • Pa
    PaulJedi Feb 11, 2019

    The is the info of how I found this fraudulent company.

    [email protected] (Postfix) with ESMTP id 9CAEDE954F0


    eNom, Inc.

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