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Encor Solar review: Insufficient energy output from over priced panels.

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To whom may it concern, I am pushed to write this letter to try and get some help on my situation with the solar company from Arizona or New Mexico Encore Solar, they came to my house and offer a great service of solar panels which we my wife and I at the moment thought it was a great idea. so we decided it to have Encor Solar install the solar panels. Surely before they were installed a "solar tech/ engineer" Shane Watson who no longer works with them, and he created or put together a lame satellite picture of my house around February, he said that"the amount of 20 panels were enough to produce the equivalent amount of kilowatt hours that I was spending on my light bill". Once the panels were installed around April but we still waited 2 months for Encor Solar to finished with our installation. the panels were not producing no energy for 3 months after they were installed.

Shane Watson on behalf of Encor Solar also guaranteed that I was going to get a federal tax credit of 26% of my cost which it was around 29600$ and to my surprise I will received way less. The other credit was the Duke Energy credit which I was never told that it was a lottery to see who else was getting the duke credit. all this was going to make my overall payment to come around 16500$ but this was not true.

So, I am almost 1 year into this Encor solar issue and so far, I am overpaying 2 bills both of 122. and some change from Duke Energy and 121 and some change from the panels and as far as I can tell we are using the same energy on the winter months as without the "solar panels" so my conclusion is that either my panels are not working properly, or my demands of solar energy is not enough to cover the winter months. I've reached out them multiple times to either get some financial assistance or to come and remove this panels from my property.


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