Elder Helpers / the company never told me how much money to donate. instead they took out $50.00 without my consent.

I live with my disabled sister. We need to rely on friends to go to doctors offices. She is 91 and i am 84. On Sept. 9th I went to My e-mail and found a message from Elderhelpers. This sounded like it would solve my problems. They asked for a donation, being on limited incomes I would have given $10.00. I could not find a place to put the amount in. I suddenly knew i had been taken when I saw $50.00. They did it in less the an hour. I found it out when I went on-line with my Bank.This morning I called my bank Crown Bank and spoke to Lou the manager he said he would try to get my money back, but thought the odds were not in my favor. He said I may have to come to the bank close out my account and open a new one. I should have deleted this from my e-mail. but when you get a little desperate you do stuped things. I will be more careful in the future.

Sep 11, 2019

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