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eHow Complaints & Reviews

eHow / So much bad information!

Vincent on Apr 19, 2016
There is no useful information on www.ehow.com! They actually steal information from other sites and pretend that everything was written by their writers. I needed to change my bikes chain so I went online and found some information on this website. Their provided information was absolutely...

Ehow.com / Very irresponsible of eHow to put information out there that is potentially harmful

Skuroke on Jul 3, 2011
eHow may be fine for some types of advice, but it should **not** be relied upon for advice regarding the care of pets--especially sick ones! Some eHow articles on animal care are obviously written by people who have NO CLUE what they are talking about. I read an article that says you...

eHow.com / Demand Media / Misleading Business Practices

eHow and its owner, Demand Media, are fraudulently scamming their writers and the public by using dubious tactics to inflate the amount of content they have on their sites by: 1. Cloning articles and apparently not paying writers for the cloned versions, even though the writers own the...

Ehow How To/Demand Media / Ehow Rips You Off

This so called Rich "the employee" is an a$$ just like any other "employee" that 'works' at Ehow. I wrote for them over 2 years and once they started expanding, they tried to catch up by changing rules, without notice, giving false reasons why there were doing what they were doing...

eHow / plagiarism

eHow.com allows their authors to plagiarize information from other websites. Read the RIP OFF REPORT. Search for "Rip Off Reports eHow." You'll see a few!

eHow / redirecting members articles

I was a member of ehow from 10/2007 to 04/2009 I wrote and published article and was paid for views. I had about 100 articles published and some were making good money. On 04/01/2009 I tried to log into my account and received a message that said my account has been disabled. I sent them...

Ehow.com / no money for articles

I have received no money for their writer compensation program, also I have given them personal information which they said they needed for tax purposes, i never received a form. Now I want to cancel my account and cannot... plus i am tired of getting ehow articles and spam mail from them..

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