EFlowunfair fines re m50 dublin toll charge



Received a letter through the post on Saturday regarding an Unpaid Toll dated 27/05/2017 case number 23050-[protected] Vehicle Reg ST11 LUL for my journey around Dublin 04/02/2017 (have attached copy of letter)

Can I firstly apologise re the unpaid toll, I was unaware that I was travelling on a toll road at that point in time, I was on route to the ferry terminal and did not become aware of a toll being in place, I had paid a few tolls on my trip through Ireland at the booths provided. I had only purchased the car a few weeks prior to my trip over to Ireland. Avoiding my responsibilities is something I do not do.

I have been informed that there are now additional fee of £2.67 for the (STR) Standard Toll Request, the letter further claims that this has been previously issued, I can confirm this is the very first correspondence I have had re this matter from EPC Euro Parking Collection, their is also another cost of £36.50 for (UTN) Unpaid Toll Notice, totalling an extra £39.17 I would like to dispute the UTN penalty that have been applied.

I feel that these additional penalty fees are unfair, I certainly would have paid the outstanding journey fee and the STR at the time, it is now nearly 5 months since the journey.

Please advise by return the most the most expedient way to settle this matter.

Kind regards


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