Edible Arrangementsan order of pineapple covered with chocolate 1 dozen

Ka Oct 03, 2019

I will never buy from you all again. My delivery was never made for my aunt's 60th birthday yesterday and when I called to just cancel it they basically hung up on me but not before saying they wouldn't give me the $14.99 delivery fee back! Bad business! I will never order from you all again! When I called the store today the lady gave me a ton of attitude. Before speaking with them I verified that there was nothing left on the door to show they were there by my Aunt. And as I suspected there was no way for them to know who to contact because nothing had been left like I was informed by the corporate company that should have been. The store was waiting to hear back from my Aunt who had no idea there was anything waiting for her as nothing was left to inform them. Terrible terrible customer service. Way to ruin this big birthday. I will never trust you all again.

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