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Easy Spirit review: heels & soles deteriorate & crumble

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I purchased Easy Spirit boots a few seasons ago described as follows: Esbolder black easy soft #[protected], 9-1/2 D, bar code # [protected]. I wore the boots maybe about five times in the season of purchase. On 3/22/13 I got out the boots which had been stored in their original box in my closet. I put on one boot and reached for the other boot but then noticed that the heel of the boot I had on had completely crumbled into a mess. I paid about $150 for the boots. I have been struggling with unemployment for quite a while and can't afford to buy new boots every year and don't see why I should have to expect that I won't be able to have a pair of boots be wearable for more than one year. This is wrong on so many levels especially environmental considerations. I contacted Easy Spirit and was told that they would only issue a coupon for merchandise purchase as compensation on boots that had a "structural problem" and had purchased within a year. This problem of disintegrating heels & soles is now rampant and The Jones Group obviously is not upholding the standard they quote on their website "Jones has built a reputation for excellence in product quality and value" - what a laugh.

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May 06, 2022 7:58 pm EDT
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This the second pair of black easy spirit slip on shoes that have had the heel fall apart! I several pairs and the two black pair and another beige pair, the sole of the shoes get hard and very slippery and eventually the sole separate from the shoes. Very disappointed and dissatisfied with Easy Spirit and will NOT buy Easy Spirit shoes ever again! I’ve sent

Other complaints and nothing has been

Answered. You will lose your loyal customers

With defective shoes!

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Dec 04, 2017 10:57 am EST

Put on my Easy Spirit wedge shoes for church yesterday and by the time the service was out I was leaving chunks of my wedge soles on the floor! Crumbled. See that it is an ongoing problem by reading complaints. Very sad the company doesn’t respond to this or attempt any customer satisfaction. I have 4 pair of travel time shoes I wear daily and other boots, but unless I hear SoMeThinG from the company, I will never purchase Easy Spirit again.

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