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Dr. VaxmonskyI will never go back to this doctor!


I am writing about my experience at Dr. Vaxmonsky's office, located inside Lens Crafters in Prince George's Plaza, on January 28, 2007.

I went to Prince George's Plaza last Sunday to get new disposable contact lenses. I was going to another place in the mall but they seemed to be gone due to renovation, so I just walked-in Lens Crafters instead.

After a long wait (over 2 hours), I saw Dr. Vaxmonsky, who told me I had a severe cornea infection
so that I should not wear contacts at that time. He briefly checked my eyes, and when I went to the
receptionist. They charged me $284. $59 for eye exam, $100 for checking my infection, and $125 for
contact lens fitting.

Since it took about 3 hours up to this process, I was in a hurry, so I did not argue but charged onto my debit card. I decided that I would go to another doctor for follow up so I can use my insurance, so I called them today asking for a refund for contact lens fitting. But they refused saying that he already gave me a prescription. I think charging $125 for so-called contact lens fitting, just trying a pair of sample lens, is already outrageous; but I never tried any lens. Furthermore, charging me $100 for just examining infection without consulting me?

I know there are many good doctors, who care about patients' financial concerns. But I also know that there are some doctors who constantly overcharge you when you do not use your insurance. After reading Ana's comment posted on 2004, I can't help but believe he is one of the latter. (Actually, she used insurance but still they overcharged her...)

I do not know what I can do from this point. But I know I would never go back to the doctor and I have the power to let the public know about this.


  • No
    No fraud Aug 20, 2014

    Please!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!
    The doctors office is fraudulent and will say you have to have certain examinations done (image of your eye, dilation, field test). They will do these tests and charge you for them without you even knowing what you are having done. Their explanations are bogus. The whole doctor side is absolutely horrible. I have read the other reviews and sadly agree with all the poor reviews of this office.

    Please avoid- they have a paper that has you answer yes or no for certain proceedures but does not matter if you put no since they will lie and either say you need the additional tests or just do them without you knowing. Both doctors are shady and the office manager is a joke. The wait time is ridiculous-2-4 hours? for a 30 min examination- this is because they are doing additional exams you do not need or asked for.

    I get certain case for certain proceedures- but when you do all the bull exams on a kid who has no vision issues- you know they are scammers.

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  • Th
    Thomas Vaxmonsky Aug 31, 2012

    As the owner and operator of the office for many years, we have had an office policy in place that is initialed with specific bullet points as to the separate cost of a basic eye exam and a basic contact lens fitting that starts at a certain dollar amount $179. Every contact lens fit can vary due to complexity and lenses fitted. If you want a low ball price on your care, shop elsewhere.

    Every patient is clearly informed BEFORE ANY EXAMINATION BEGINS that these charges are in place for their care. Our intake form has a separate bullet point that MUST be initialed and signed BEFORE starting the exam which states that medical eye treatments are not covered by the basic eye exam and must be paid in addition to the basic exam fee. It is simple and clear.

    EVERY patient fills out that form and initials each and every bullet point and then must SIGN THAT THEY HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND EACH POINT and it is done before any examination begins.

    Each and every case above is addressed by this form. I would welcome showing each and every person above this signed and dated form in their record. If anyone would care to see this actual form, which has changed only slightly over 20 years, please ask.

    Our fees are not the lowest and we do not try to compete with the low ball outfits out there because we try to do better quality care for all our patients whether it be accurate exams for glasses, or complex contact lens fittings or even treatment of red eyes, glaucoma, and other conditions that come to us for care.

    We see patients from 1 year old to 101 and deliver excellent care and as thorough as possible. We offer the best technology for all of this as well doctor delivered precise refractions.

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  • Wh
    Who me? Jul 12, 2012

    Wow! I guess I wasn't the only one who felt like they were robbed! After a 3 hour exam and more money than I have had to pay in two years worth eye exams plus contacts. Never will go back there.

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  • Ma
    manipulated2 Feb 13, 2012

    I left Dr. Vaxmonsky and Dr. Baloga's office today in tears after having to pay $249 for what I thought was a $69.00 eye exam. I scheduled and expected to receive a routine eye exam, one that is partially covered by my insurance. When I was being examined, I was asked if I wore contact lenses (which I do) and the test proceeded. Little did I know that because I wear contacts, I was going to be automatically charged for a contact lens fitting, which is an additional $180.00. Throughout my visit, I continuously thought that the tests being conducted and conversations being held were a part of the routine eye exam, and wasn't informed until after the fact that I had a more specialized visit and would be charged for both types of exams. When I protested, I was shown a form that I signed prior to the exam indicating my acknowledgment that the routine eye exam was $69 and the contact lens fitting was $180. I was told that the difference is clearly outlined and that it was obvious during the exam that I was being fitted for contacts. In retrospect, yes, it was obvious that I was being fitted for contacts, but I never would have verbally consented to the more specialized exam if they had been clear that that was what I was about to undertake. Just because you sign a form that is used to make you aware of the prices of various exams does not mean you consent to having them done. I feel like I was bait and switched--went in for a routine eye exam at an affordable price, and then came out with something I had not bargained, or budgeted, for. I spent a long time discussing the misunderstanding with Dr. Baloga, and he said I should have known by reading the consent form and that their office never has a problem with people misunderstanding the protocol. I can see from the various reviews online that this is certainly not the case.

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  • Dr
    Dr. Weinstock Oct 28, 2010

    Dr. Vaxmonsky is a thief. I went to his office for an eye problem in spring and in the fall of this year. The same problem and he charged me the same although in the fall he did not do the same extensive examination and gave me no medicine this time. But get this. When I went in the Fall he said my insurance could not be charged twice in a year for a routine medical exam. So I had to pay full price. Well I checked with my insurance and my insurance has never been charged this year for any vison exams of any kind.

    Explain that doctor. I will bypass the medical bull and go to the state prosecutor after my insurance gets back to me. Too many complaints sir and this one you cannot run from. Prison is where you have to go!

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  • Bl
    Bloomfield Oct 08, 2010

    I visited Drs. Vaxmonsky, Baloga’s office July 2, 2010 for contact lenses exam and fitting. After completing my exam and fitting Ms. Evelyn told me my total was $199 after my insurance paid their portion. I received disposable lenses that afternoon and was told to pay an additional $220 for one year supply of contacts. I told her I did not budget for a $400 bill and will be back in two weeks to pay for the contact.

    It took until this day October 8, 2010 to return with the additional money for the one year supply of contacts. (as most people know it is a recession)Ms. Evelyn (office manager) did not even give me the option of purchasing 6 months supplies of the product; I’ve called several times prior for a pricing no one called back. After my frustration I went in the office today to collect my prescription and go else where with my business. To my grand surprise I was told by the OFFICE MANAGER I do not have a prescription there for contacts because I did not return two weeks after my fitting.

    I asked her what did I pay for that day, she said I paid for a package which includes a follow up that I did not show. Non sense!!! Why would I miss a free follow up! She told me to come back within two weeks to pay for my one year supply.

    To make matters worst; he solution after 14 weeks of taking my eye exam; I should repay $165 to do another fitting/ follow up.

    This eye doctor is the worst experienced I’ve ever had. They truly just trying to over charge their customers. Then she piggy back around and said I need to pay $15.50 to release my records and $30 miss appointment fee in order to receive the exam I did there. I think she realize how ridiculous she looked because when I was leaving she told me I could get a copy of a glasses exam; that at first she told me I never did only contacts I was fitted for that day.

    How do we stop people like this from robbing regular consumers blind. I notice 90% of their clients were minorities and I’m sure most does noticed they are over charged or robbed. I want my money back since what I paid for I did not receive.

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  • Sw
    sweetp9 Mar 21, 2010

    Bravo to this Doctor for providing excellent care to his patients. He chooses to treat patients with urgency, rather than turn them away to someone who may accept their insurance. I think just because LensCrafters is often in a mall, people do not realize that, in fact, these are REAL doctors. You wouldn't argue with your primary care doctor on tests that may or may not be covered with your insurance. When you go to the doctor with a headache, often they will order a number of tests without even asking, for exp an MRI, scans, x-rays, etc. You don't argue with your doctor, so why should your eye doctor be any different? If you visit the eye doctor, whether he/she is in a mall or a hospital, they have been trained in treating you the best way possible. If this doctor took steps to treat an eye infection, and save your vision, you should be thankful, not complaining about him on the internet!

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  • Do
    doughboy Jul 21, 2009

    I went to this Doctor about a year ago and he "saw something" he wanted to explore. I was charged for extra tests and he came back and told me I had the beginnings macular degeneration. This is a serious condition so I went to another venue. I was fully tested (yes it was expensive) and told there was absolutely no evidence of macular degeneration.
    I was overcharged for the initial exam by being told I needed a more thorough exam and spent a great deal more going for a second opinion.
    Be careful when dealing with this doctor. He does have a very professional manner so don't be fooled. I was fortunate my wife saw these complaints and encouraged me to go for a second opinion.

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  • He
    Heathnut Jun 05, 2009

    It's so funny I accidently ran into this report trying to find out if Dr. Vaxmonsky has a web site, becuase the the above story now really confirms my suspesion that I was getting milked.

    I've recently gone to Dr. Vaxmonsky's eye care office in Prince George's Plaze; I've gone to them before. I too was told I had an eye infection. Now, months prior, I did have an infection which I didn't seek medical attention and which also I should have. At the time of this appointement, my eye seemed well and looks like it clered up completely, to me anyway. Well, a lot of eye care plans cover basics such as exam, fitting etc, and some of those covered charges are discounted amonts that you still have to pay from the total amount, ie, refraction is $90.00, you may pay only $30.00, and some services the plan covers 100%. So of course, I came out paying way more that first day sich I was getting fitted for new contacts.


    I had to go back for a week or so using drops that cost me $60.00 from Rite Aid, and every time I went back I was charged $100.00 or more, and one visit was over serveral hundred dollars. These visits are now "medical", which are not covered under my eye care plan. I have medical under my health plan with a major medical plan company. But the thing is, you would think coming back, 1, 2 days later, and the next week, etc, to check my eye, I would pay the same amount such as $100.00. But every time the amounts were different and the Dr, which wasn't Dr. Vaxmonsky, was a different charge, and to me, he didn't do anything different but looked into my eye. Makes me think..hmmm? Well, after everthing's said and done, my charges, just for the eye infection, is now like $1000.00 and hopefully I will get reimbused by my medical plan.

    I too do not plan to go back to Dr. Vaxmonsky's eye care office. I just can't shake the feeling that I really got "milked" out of my money.

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  • Th
    Thomas Hastings Sep 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been to Dr. Vaxmonsky several times over the past three years and have always been pleased with his own behavior and the service of the office generally. Most recently I had to go in a busy Saturday without an appointment (contact stuck in side of eye) and was seen within about an hour. Prices have always seemed reasonable with no surprise or extra fees.

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  • Ja
    Jack Jones Sep 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I did not see Dr Vaxmonsky but I saw Dr Baloga in September of 2007. I was overcharged also by at least one hundred dollars. I went to Lenscrafters expecting just a standard 59.95 exam. But after they had me sign a form that other charges may apply they went to work and ripped me off for one hundred fifty dollars. What they don't understand is that people who are not rich go to Lenscrafters for the deals and cheap prices. They charge 30.00 to put drops into your eyes which is a total waste of time. Then they look into your eyes and ask for you to come back. I would suggest people to read everything and tell them what you will spend prior to sitting in their examination chair. Shopping elsewhere also has great benefits as they can't rip you off if you shop elsewhere.

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  • Th
    Thomas Vaxmonsky Mar 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    An emergency examination for an eye infection where a patient was worked into a schedule of appointments for that day was performed. Fees are explained in a written and signed intake form given to every patient PRIOR to any examination. It is clearly stated that there is a fee for the examination and additional fees may apply for the evaluation and treatment of other problems including eye infections and separately contact lens fittings. This patient states that he was examined and treated for an eye infection and fees are related to that procedure. I am sure the treatment and examination was accurate and properly performed and billed appropriately for services rendered.

    Thomas Vaxmonsky, O.D.

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