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When I bought them I just knew they were great tires. 8 months later one tire on the rear has a bump in it. Sidewallseparation. No worries. Dudnt think anything about it. I put a GT tire on. 2 weeks later. My front passenger. Slowly leaking air. Cant find a leak. Take tire off and the tread and the side wall is just not good. I can see the tread line and sidewall line all the way around the tire. Not sealed good. I look at the other 3 and BLAM ! Yup same crappy deal. Junk. Not only that my 16 year old daugter was driving this on those. Lord help me. You put peoples life in jeopardy. Shame. Shame

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, US
Jul 08, 2021 8:09 pm EDT
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3 Douglas tires in 1 week, all of them have small or large bubbles on the outside! How Walmart had not caught this I have no clue! I've had to pay 3 x for 2 tires and I wouldn't leave without them seeing the bubbles before I left! They still say it's not there problem! Are you kidding. Please please save your money spend a few extra bucks and don't buy Douglas tires. These were on an 07 ford edge 17 inch tires. Worthless. My kids rise on this car with my wife I'm so glad I caught this while inspection every other week.

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